Tribute question

I totally understand that it’s a clever feature to push players to come every hour.
But this hourly tribute gives a big advantage to smartphone users. I don’t have one and I’m stuck with my 5-6 tributes/day… And no, I’m not going to buy a phone just for that :stuck_out_tongue: .
I also remind that these tributes are one of the best way to gain glory.

Why don’t you want to buy a smart phone? O.o
And why are they called smart phones, we didn’t call previous generation of phones - stupid phones. .

I’m with @Rozik here. I don’t want any game that wants my hourly attention. Games have to wait before I finished with work, friends, etc.

Or in short: Until I want to play them.

Don’t get me wrong. If you can and want to pogin hourly to claim your rewards, that’s totally fine for me. I just don’t take it that seriously.

EDIT: @Rozik At the same time: There’s no one other than you forcing you to login in hourly :wink:

Your rewards do accumulate some, so it’s not like you totally miss out by not signing in hourly. And I’m sure most mobile players don’t even though they have the ability.

I think it’s just a tactic to get users to keep coming back rather moving on to one of the hundred shiny new games that comes out every week.

I don’t need it. But I don’t think it’s the topic of this… topic…

Because with old phones, you cannot play to GoW. Isn’t an enough reason to call them stupid phones? :wink:
But if you prefer, you can replace smartphone with iOS/Android devices.

Yeah I actually use my iPhone during the day to login and claim awards on an hourly basis during the week (lucky enough to have a job where I can have the phone with me). I have over 12K Glory accumulated this way and can usually spend around 2-3,000 each weekly event and not worry about running out in the future.

That said, this is really the only game I spend any significant time with (at least until Twilight Struggle drops for iOS).

How much gold can i accumulate in my kingdom at one time before i have to claim it.

You can accumulate up to a full day’s (24 hours) worth of your Income, but Tribute chances only roll when you collect Income.

Anyone please correct me if I am wrong.

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You right.

Me happy



No problem, nobody forces me to do that :wink:
I only regret missed chances - I play only on PC in my house, so I lose a lot of tributes when I’m in work or somewehere else.
But when I’m in home, login once per hour is not a great problem - just only bothering :slight_smile:

Another reason it would be great to have smartphone/console integration.