Glory Tribute

During the day I get a boat load of glories, and when I login around 8 or 9 AM I hardly get any. I was just wondering why if you will, thy are dead during the night?

Are you talking about from the tributes?

Yes from the kingdoms. To me it just seems like during the night they do not accumulate like they do during the day. It just seems strange to me.

Friend that wasn’t my question, and your answer you are a day late and a dollar short. I know all about Whiteheim, which has been my home kingdom since I started playing.

The amount of glory in your tribute isn’t influenced by time of day or length of intervals between collecting.

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The tributes dont accumulate.

Suppose you leave it for three hours and then click to collect tribute, you get the amount for this tribute.

Every time you click tribute, it checks which kingdoms give you the tribute and thats it. You need to click and collect tribute every hour, it doesnt accumulate… It would be nice if it do meaning I just need to click tribute once a day and get 24 hours worth of tributes but it doesnt work that way.

If I understand you correctly, I should not be getting any tribute if I have been logged out for hours. Say I shut down at 10 PM and log back in 12 hours later then the gold coins should not be flashing over my home kingdom, but they are every time I log in after I have been idle all night. Boy this game can be very and is confusing.

You can collect tribute every hour.

Every time you click and collect tribute, the game check to see which kingdoms give you tribute by rolling against EACH kingdom’s chance.

So, if you waited 3 hours then click the tribute, it checks and collects the tribute. It doesnt accumulate.

You can log out the game and log in every hour just to click on tribute and collect. No need to stay logged in.

You can be logged out for however long you want to be logged out, there will only be one roll for tributes, so pick them up as often as you can - after 1h or longer has passed.

Gold, however, accumulates. You collect it with your tributes so if you don’t get them for 8h, you’ll have more gold to get along with the tributes.


More precisely, gold from your hourly income accumulates, gold from tributes doesn’t.

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Yes, I thought that was obvious as I said tributes don’t - so the conclusion would be that gold from tributes also doesn’t.

But you can never make it clear enough so thanks for clarifying. :wink:

(I’m not being sarcastic - just because it was clear to me doesn’t mean it was to everyone.)