Tributes taking longer than an hour to show up

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I expected to be able to collect tributes once an hour. Somehow the blinking coin pile now takes much longer to show up every now and then, sometimes only a few minutes late, once more than an hour late. Once it does show up it awards the basic bonus for the whole time that has passed, so the server definitelly knows the correct time that has passed. It feels like the UI is missing some kind of display trigger, clicking the home kingdom for an overdue tribute doesn’t help, moving around between menus eventually seems to cause it to show up.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Wait for your tribute to show up. Possibly requires to have tabbed out to a different application in between for an extended period of time.

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Even before the engine switch, I’d seen this occasionally. In some cases I was still able to collect by clicking the kingdom, even though the indicator was not present.

Are you on Unity? I think I might be seeing the same thing on PS4 since the update, but haven’t had many chances to time the tributes yet.

Yes, 3.0.5 version for PC.

As an update, the tribute right now showed up in time, it awarded base gold for roughly two and a half hours though.

Weird. This morning, i was sure I played for about 70-80 minutes, but I only got tribute when I logged in. Haven’t had a chance to play since, but I’ll pay closer attention for the next while. I’ve definitely seen some short delays (like a few minutes) on the 3.0 version, but nothing like 10 or 20 minutes before.

This is happening to me as well. Restarting after your hour timer is up seems to force it to appear, as will playing a match. However, both of these are a fairly big interruption to the flow of my day compared to before, enough that it means I won’t be able to collect and I’ll likely be losing thousands of glory per week. You also can’t click the kingdom when the gold indicator isn’t there and have it collect your income anyways like before, the gold indicator has to appear for it even to check.


I keep a timer running on my computer for 59:30, and click it after collecting tribute. I’ve noticed that if I have the game open, idle, and on the world map the tribute doesn’t pop up and clicking on the town won’t collect. However doing something with a server hit (like going into explore) causes it to show.

edit: What @Mithran said!

I’m finding the server ping (I would always check mail before) isn’t working reliably anymore.