Why don't the kingdoms stack per hour missed with the tributes


So, after being off line all day, you get on and collect tribute,and it’s almost the same as it would be if you were collecting it hourly.
Why aren’t the kingdoms stacking each hour and possibly have a max count, all kingdoms unlocked at that time?
I do notice that the gold goes up, but sometimes you still pull a one kingdom tribute, or even better, a 0.
I would like to see them start adding up after being offline all day.
Now i know the game is designed to be played, a lot, so likely nothing will change,But let’s take a poll as a community, to see how everyone is feeling about tributes. Thank you for all thoughts and input.

  • Should tribute remain the same
  • Should kingdoms donating stack with unlimited kingdoms giving tribute
  • Should kingdoms donating stack and have a max of 28

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Tribute collecting timer

At higher levels tributes average at 8+.
Rewards are huge, so i don’t think theres even a slight chance of those getting increased.


It would help for ppl not on mobile who are not able to check every hour of the day, I am high level and still get poor tribute occasionally, but either way, thank you for voting


This was part of the reason why I swapped off of xbox. Very agitating that I can’t collect tribute every hour unless I’m home on my xbox.

So much easier to do with mobile or PC. Plus, I can do so many more things on my PC while on GoW anyway, so it’s naturally better.

To the question at hand, I do wish they stacked to make up for each hour you miss. It’s pretty busted that once you have all kingdoms at lv 10, you can probably average 1000 gold per hour just by making sure you collect tribute.


Although I voted for stacking, I’m not for a max of 28. I would say 12 would be more feasible. The only reason I voted for it, is that when I get home after 8 - 10 hours of work and I get a 1 kingdom tribute, it’s kind of disheartening. Stays the same or changes, don’t really matter, I’m still playing.


I meant to say total kingdoms in poll, not 28, because I know we will get more,can I get a moderator to help me fix this please.


I will also see if i can add a fourth vote as you have stated, should kingdoms stack with a cap of x amount,12 as you suggested, Anyone else have suggestions for a stacking lower cap, before I get it all fixed, I wasn’t thinking of that when I made this post, thank you.


Yeah, I like the idea of the Kingdoms stacking but stopping with your maximum number of kingdoms. I think this would be a neat feature. Of course, I would want this IN ADDITION TO how it functions now.

Meaning, each hour, it randomly generates how many kingdoms bring you tribute. If you collect then the cap goes back down to 0, but if you don’t collect then whatever the number is gets counted towards the total. And then the next hour gets added to it.

In this way, it would still be MORE beneficial to collect every hour but for those that can’t you don’t feel like you are losing SOOO much.

Great Suggestion! :wink:


I definitely like that idea a lot too, i think there are many ways we can get tribute improved, because i don’t think anyone really talks about it much, too many gw complaints going on.


I’d say let it stack for 4 hours. That would be very rewarding and not break anything. Checking every hour is quite a task. Games that offer rewards for checking in always work this way to get you to log in. While it would be nice for it to stack, I understand why they wouldn’t want it to. I’d say a 2-4 hour stack max would offer players alot and not mess up the system it is intended for.


The geometric stacking of guild bonus to kingdom rewards would need to be fixed if it were allowed to stack, that is for sure.

edit: As a retired guy, with a 1 hour timer on my computer to remind me, I get oodles of resources from tribute. Between pvp, guild tasks, and tributes I get 14k glory a week.


I would like to edit my poll a little bit, can someone send a moderator my way please, thank you.


Also need a timer underneath home kingdom or something! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


With a timer it would be great, we could tell if it was actually a hour each time received.


No change is needed. More active players are more rewarded, as it should be.


I think this isn’t even fair. I’ve been firing up my GoW on my phone every hour I remember to do so literally just to click home kingdom and grab tribute. Then I’ll close it again.


I’m fine with it exactly as is. The whole point on tributes is to give a bonus reward while playing the game scaled based on current progress.

Having it done automatically defeats its purpose.


If anything, I’d be in favor of the last 8 missed tribute attempts (read - tribute has not been collected in over two hours, the one from one hour ago was “missed”) being moved into a queue with a slightly reduced payout. I know why they do it the way that they do, but I’m going to go ahead and say that an 8 hour queue is plenty to condition behavior and the one hour is overly punitive to people that can’t click hourly.

note: I am one of the players who is able to collect basically every tribute opportunity by tabbing into the game and clicking. About 85-90% of my weekly glory income and nearly half my gems come from tribute collects. While I’m fine with it personally, it does seem rather unfair to people that can’t make allowances to get that click because of their workplace policies or proximity to electronic devices at any given time, since they can easily actively play way more and still end up with much less than I do with an timer and 15 seconds every hour, less if I have the game up in Nox and don’t have to have the game window in focus the entire time.

I would not be in favor of them stacking additively so you get more kingdoms at once by waiting and it might be more advantageous to wait until very specific hour multiple intervals to collect. They’d still want to condition hourly collects, just maybe not as strongly as they do now.


I agree; they should remain the same and you have to be online every hour to get them still. :wink:


I think its fine the way it is. Plus… its an activity hook, its designed to keep you coming back every hour - just like the daily gold/etc income.