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Tribute at the lower levels (aka new accounts)

I went ahead and created a second account to see if it was just the fact that my primary is at end game that I am so frustrated with the game.

I’ve actually enjoyed (through the bugs) the new account more so.

However I’ve noticed something (so have a few others who have done this recently to create new accounts) - Tribute seems off.

Based on @Ozball’s explanation the new break out on the hourly/tribute screen is (if doing hourly)

24th of your home kingdom daily total
24th of the total gold daily total
X from Tribute

So what I am trying to figure out is the X Kingdoms sending tribute with none of the other amounts changing (Souls, Glory, Gems).

I will capture pictures over the next 6 hours and then update this. But has anyone else noticed this?

(btw, I have 14 kingdoms’ unlocked)

Just to clarify this: These two are combined in one stat, you don’t get 1/24th of your total daily gold on top of the 1/24th home kingdom daily total, the home kingdom gold is already included in the total daily gold.

So if I saw 7 Kingdoms Gold amount but no other tribute indicators (souls, glory, gems) - would that be the tribute gold then??

Tribute Gold and Income Gold are separate. You get the income gold regardless of any tributes.

The tribute screen operates in three stages:

  • First: It counts how long since your last collection (lets say t hours for this example) and awards you t times hourly income gold. So if your hourly income is 100 gold, and you’ve been away for 1 hour, you get 100 gold. This income also stacks up to 24 hours, so if you leave it 3 or 4 hours, then you get 3 or 4 times your hourly income. The hourly income is the total of all your unlocked kingdom’s daily income divided by 24.

  • Second: The game checks for any tributes, and awards you those kingdoms’ tribute amounts. This only happens at collection time and does not stack. So if you leave your tribute for 3 to 4 hours you have the same chance and reward payouts (gold, souls, glory) from the Tributes as you would if you collected it every hour.

  • Third: The game awards your gems and keys based on the number of kingdoms tributed. 2 gold keys and 1 gem per kingdom that tributes on top of the first.

The screenshot below shows up much gold income I’ve received from all my kingdoms. Which is equal to gold per hour times the number of hours since I last collected tribute (capped at 24 hours).
Gold Income

This next screen the calculates how many kingdoms tributes and adds their tribute amounts on to the counters. So in the shot below, I’ve received 9 Gems, 485 Souls, 114 Glory, 18 Gold Keys and 4340 Gold (The 12108 gold shown includes the 7768 from the income in the previous screen) from the tributes of 10 kingdoms.
Tribute Income


To add to @ozball’s excellent summary, on a new account, your Tribute chance is really really low, so you’re most likely Tribute result is zero Kingdoms giving tribute.

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Awesome, now I can actually make sense of this. Thank you very much.

Actually I’ve noticed this with my level 1085 account too. But it goes so fast that I can’t capture it. My second account is very low and it doesn’t seem to go as fast through the screens…oddly enough.

@Ozball - Thank you so very much for the walk through. I think this topic needs to be pinned. Your explanation really made a difference in how I can work with the different screens on hourly.


Guild statue tribute amount and chance bonus, will that ever display correctly in kingdom view?