Can Ozball has Lair?

Can @Ozball has Lair? Cave, dwelling, hut?

A place where he can answer common current game questions, and we can keep a record of responses. And we accept ‘can’t give an answer’ such as exact chest drop rate is an answer.


I don’t think @Ozball has time for a specific place he has to go too each day to answer questions? :thinking: But perhaps that is up to him to decide.

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I thought he was too busy to be the mascott :slight_smile:

Not each day, just occasionally. And a good place for him to archive some of his previous really good explanations.

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@UKresistance, your question on chest drop rate (and possibly others) might be answered on my GoW Utilities Webpage at . Look at the utility named “Chest, odds and history”. I know that isn’t exactly what you were asking but I hope it helps with that one question and maybe others. :slight_smile:

Thanks I’ll check it out

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