Consider Tribute Accumulation for Switch/PC/Console Users

I have to imagine I’m not the first person to think this, However, It’s strange to work so hard to max your Kingdoms to increase tribute chance, only to collect tribute maybe 2-3 times a day in between life and work. Android/IOS users have access to their phones all day, and it’s typically socially acceptable to check your phone at work. Whereas, being a switch user, if I brought my Switch to work, I’d get my hand slapped.

I hope Development reads this. Love the game! Keep up the great work.

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Second thought, Give it to all platforms. Seems unnecessary to just punish mobile users :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty shure it does accumulate… not 100% shure tbh.

If it does already, maybe I just leave my Switch running without turning off the screen / sleeping the application?

As I said: I’m not 100% shure but I turn on and off my Switch as I like and still think it accumulates.

Tribute can be collected every hour however the timer does not reset until it has been collected.

This has long been a request for console users, to my knowledge there is no plan for this.

Good to know.
That’s… crap!

Tip for collecting tribute when binge watching a show collect between each episode it can really add up.

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I’m pretty sure it does not accumulate otherwise it defeats a tenant of a f2p game. They want to keep your attention occupied on the game. At least its better than other f2p games where they don’t have a log in bonus.

Your gold income accumulates, your tribute income does not. Since tribute allows players to earn premium currency, I wouldn’t expect it to ever be allowed to accumulate, at least not without a massive nerf.

Kind of like what happened when the publisher finally decided to allow players to purchase multiple Glory packs in a single transaction.


Be careful what you wish for.

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