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“Treasure Gnomes” aren’t “Treasure Gnomes”

Today we all got extremely lucky. The Adventure Board gave us a mythic key task! Those with the Pest Control campaign task (“Defeat 3 Treasure Gnomes”) got even luckier, since they could defeat red gnomes—you know, Treasure Gnomes—without spending a vault key or waiting for a random appearance.

However, my guild mate is reporting that red gnomes do not count as Treasure Gnomes for the Pest Control task. It’s too late for him to take a screenshot, so maybe someone else can catch proof of this.

Assuming my guild mate is correct in this, that’s quite ridiculous. The troop’s name is exactly the same as the text string in the campaign task. How can a “Mecha Gnome” and a “Soul Gnome” count as “Treasure Gnomes” but a “Treasure Gnome” can’t?


For the purpose of the task it needs to be a gnome and it needs to have the money bag icon in the upper left corner. Gnome cosplayers don’t count.

another bad worded task…

should be: kill 3 gnomes with a treasure bag, insted of “Kill 3 Treasure Gnomes”


A Treasure Gnome is only a Treasure Gnome if it gives treasure. Otherwise it’s just a gnome.

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Adventure board gnomes are a troll, but take 10 gem and 2 vip keys and you’ll feel better.

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[Starts foaming at the mouth]

Treasure gnomes give souls. Explain to me how that equates as treasure. Soul gnomes may as well give vault keys. It’s a joke

Soul gnomes have the highest chance to drop vault keys lol. That’s what I heard a long time ago

I have a hard time believing that claim, unless a dev said it or someone presents data.

I really think they should start calling it “Wild Gnomes” as it was called in the announcement about last Vault weekend. Having a gnome named Treasure Gnome, and also referring to all gnomes with the money bag icon as Treasure Gnomes is very confusing. Even the event tile in game for Vault weekends says “Treasure Gnomes” when it is referring to any gnome that randomly appears and drops rewards.


I fully endorse this suggestion!


There is no point having specific gnomes unless they only drop what their names suggest they do. Treasure gnomes should not drop souls…fact

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I set my PvP defense to Abynissia and 3 Red gnomes. Then I fought a similar team, and realized that it was a wasted effort. I used a vault key just to be done with it.

“A gnome in the wild that is not a battlecrasher nor a Valraven that has the ability to drop loot that may or may not be desired”

I suppose I could switch defense to four Purple demons…mañana.

Yes and no.

When soul gnome was released it was stated that it had a higher chance than previous gnomes.
But since then I believe other gnomes have been released. And they could have had lesser chance or higher chance than the Soul Gnome.

Back to the OP though.
The text is very misleading… Take the extra time to state things clearly @Devs. Otherwise you waste a lot more people’s time than just yourself.

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From GoW Zendesk Help pages

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Easily clarified by saying “NPC treasure gnomes” in the task description.

No one confuses Valravens or BC as treasure gnomes.
But players can easily (clearly) think that just beating the actual name of the troop is sufficient.
So I applaud the devs effort to clarify. Unfortunately they lack the knowledge to know what needs to be clarified and what doesn’t.

This issue is made even worse if the beta testers raised a red flag about it. What’s the point of the beta if you don’t listen to feedback like this? Not game changing feedback. Just simple QoL feedback.


‘Real’ gnomes also have an animation and battle cry before battle.

+1 for Wild Gnomes or similar (tbh, I don’t think NPC Treasure Gnomes is clear enough, although I do agree the current wording could lead a player to think they could just defeat them if set in defence for PvP).

Edit: just read the Help article, so I totally get the NPC Treasure Gnome suggestion now. I think the Help article should use a different term, though :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Also @awryan I was able to find the quote in the Patch Notes, just maybe not where you’d expect – it was further down under ‘General’ changes, right above Balance changes.

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Fixed my post to leave the Illuminati out this time. :wink:

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Gnomes are a finger in the face joke. Oh yh we’ve got a dedicated soul gnome but here let the treasure gnome give you the same worthless commodity. Unreal