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[NOT A BUG] Leprechaun not counts as treasure gnome

Platform, device version and operating system:
Windows 10 x64

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Today is a lot of Leprechauns around, so I expected fast Campaign progress. Fact is, it not progressing at all.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Noticed it first time.

Steps to make it happen again

  • Get task “Defeat treasure Gnomes”.
  • Kill any amount of Leprechauns.
  • Watch zero progress of task.

Not a bug. Leprechaun is not a treasure Gnome.



Treasure gnomes are the white haired gnomes that you also see in gnome keys.
Leprechauns are not even gnomes and are only event battle crashers.

Not a bug.

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Even simpler - it says right there in task description that not including battlecrashers and valravens.


Thank you. I didn’t knew that.

No. As Graeme shown, there are many gnomes. I wasn’t aware of “Battlecrasher” type though. (I thought it’s specific troop with that name - just as Valraven).

No, it’s made too complicated, actually. Simple way would be “Only treasure troop with ‘Gnome’ in name counts”. :slight_smile:

It’s a battle crasher. I could be wrong but I think it specifically says not valravens or battle crashers. Anyway, not a treasure gnome (sorry) and not a bug.

Didn’t someone raise a fuss because people put gnomes in their PvP defense teams but killing those didn’t count? So even your wording could be confusing. :laughing:


the simplest way of saying this task without beating around the bush (not including valravens and battlecrashers, wth) is “Just use your vault key and win


Well, I believe, “treasure troops” are one with a sack icon on the card, thus there is no problem: same cards from player haven’t it. :wink:

Battlecrasher isn’t a type of troop – it’s something a troop can do for an event or special instance. Some troops are set up to “crash” into a battle, just like treasure gnomes can.

That’s literally what they’re called. You can’t just say “No” and expect reality to bend to your whim. ‘Treasure Gnomes’ are the white haired gnomes.

Treasure troops are different though.

I see here a lot of partially right answers.
First of all there are 7 gnomes in the game (at present) and of those only one has white hair.
Second The battlecrasher has also a money bag in the top left corner of his pic to point out he is a battlecrasher.
Third, when a gnome shows up he is already in the enemy team when this shows up, this contrary to the battlecrasher who comes in the team AFTER this shows up. Also when a battlecrasher comes in the enemy team you get rewarded with a kill (and thus a soul)
Fourth when a valraven is in the enemy team he shows up with that team as gnomes do and you don’t get rewarded a soul.

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I shall simplify this…

A treasure gnome must first be a gnome. This is a troop type. There are currently 8 of them. (Leprechaun is not of the type gnome). Then, if it is a gnome, it must also have the treasure bag. There are 7 of 8 gnomes that can show up with a treasure bag.

You do not need to count souls or worry about anything else. Check one, is it type gnome? Check two, does it have the treasure bag. If both of those checks are passed, you have found yourself a treasure gnome. If you see a troop with a treasure bag and it’s not a gnome type or if you see a gnome type without a bag… not a treasure gnome.

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the main point is : why so many leprechauns and so few gnomes.

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The battlecrasher spawn rate is much much much higher than gnomes. I think someone calculated it before. Outside of vault weekends, gnome rates are pretty abysmal, or 1 gnome every 33-ish fights (about 3%). During vault weekends, that chance is usually doubled to about 6%, still very low.

Battle crashers rates are much higher than that, thus they show up a lot more.

And before this discussion resurfaces, battlecrashers DO NOT affect gnome spawning.

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Out of curiosity: how so, exactly? I see that it’s only one treasure troop per battle. So crasher must probably spawn after gnome is generated… or rather not spawn, of course. Is it so?

According to Devs, the system first rolls to determine if a gnome will spawn in that match. If yes, no battlecrasher will spawn. If no gnome spawns, then a separate roll will occur to determine if there will be a battlecrasher. No battle will should have both gnome and battlecrasher.


Exactly as I thought. Thank you for the info.

I would even suspect that gnome roll happens during battle loading (that is - before showing the actual gameplay screen) whereas battlecrashers are rolled during trait activation phase because a gnome is already on the field but with a battlecrasher you can actually see him replacing a troop.

That would also explain why back in the day gnomes could be exploited and “rerolled” if the system didn’t register a Victory with a gnome. I have no knowledge of that ever working with battle crashers.