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Gnomes, gnomes and no gnomes

This weekend for our guild was more about pet gnomes than treasure gnomes. Please do separate events. Pet gnomes are great but take up so much time and effort. No treasure gnomes today only pet ? No chance for vault keys. Only 2 over entire weekend. One or other please

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I don’t understand, you can do only one event

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We seemed to get a majority of pet gnomes this weekend, rather than treasure gnomes . Vault keys being the main aim of the weekend. I had no treasure gnomes at all today. Two vault keys over entire event. Which gave poor rewards.

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Liaising with our guild this seemed to be the norm. More pet gnomes than treasure gnomes . Vault keys being the objective of the weekend . Treasure gnomes although welcome detract from the main objective

Ok but you know the fastest and easiest way to get treasure gnome is exploration?

It’s quicker then pvp and pet gnome doesn’t appear in explore so you are guarantee to see the treasure gnome

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I am aware of that fact. Still no treasure gnomes on explore today ; lots of games played . You would still expect + treasure gnomes . Unlucky I guess. As for the rest of the guild ? On what game mode they are playing. Still compelled to rescue each pet every time taking up time etc

Seems like a decision you can make. Rescue the pet or ignore the rescue. This is not a group effort it’s something you can decide for yourself.

What team you use for explored?

I found close to 100 gnomes this week end

Averaging 1 win every 15-20s

Yeah that’s an issue and even more when the 2 other Gnomes would be released…

Should the Event focus on only one Gnome?

Really? You can finiah the pet rescue in 15 min, it leave you 45 min to chase gnome

Personally i enjoyed doing both cause doing explore over and over during 3 days is really boring but with the rescue pet it break the monotony


Treasure gnomes showed up for me in Arena and doing kingdom quest line.

Our guilds issue was simply getting more pet gnomes meant getting less treasure gnomes. We noticed a much higher occurance of pet gnomes than normal ( not normally an issue) . When it is a vault weekend it is.

This is what im telling you, if you see more pet gnome it’s because you don’t look at the good place.

  • arena: pet and treasure gnome
  • pvp : pet and treasure gnome
  • story or challenge: TREASURE GNOME ONLy

So if you don’t want to see pet gnome you should tell to your guild to only do explore, if they don’t want just ignore the pet and continue to explore, this is simple as that.

I did not know that pet gnomes was to find in the quests or challenges.
I thought they only was in PvP(Ranked & Casual) and Arena.

Yup my bad i edited post

And people who don’t want to do both, just think a little bit about that.

  • When is vault event? 3 day per month
  • When is rescue pet? Every day
  • But i don’t want to do both, what should i do? Just chase the treasure gnome!!!

Or just simply skip the pets you don’t want or need. I would still rescue GW pets but that’s all I would do during the 3 days. I recommend for everyone to do the same.