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4.0 Patch Notes

Really? I remember the last time i faced four Spirit Foxes, which was a long time ago, i had trouble with a normal team, but using troops capable or targeting the troops’ position i could beat it…

It’s probably refering to that +1 life gain from 4,000 renown point (seen below). Once you reach it, it will show there. There might be even more stats bonus for higher renown points when more fractions are released.

If every troop on a side is Stealthy, the trait ceases to function.


I honestly remember a battle with four Spirit Foxes all stealthy some time ago… It was a normal day, i walked with my pet dinosaur by the morning, visited the forums, made a friendly joke about Sirrian’s looking a litle more bald that day, all in good spirits of course, he still had a magnificent hair at the time and then i played GoW for a while… :wink:

Thanks, it makes sense. My bad, I didn’t notice that it’s with all teams, not only for Factions’ troops.

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@Sirrian During a Vault Event will the soul gnome have a higher or lower chance of dropping a Vault Key than a treasure gnome?


Don’t know if it has been asked elsewhere but can you stack the delve scrolls? Would I be able to not play any delve until say Sunday and still have all my scrolls? If they can be stacked how many can we hold?

No you can’t stack the Delve scrolls. You can max have 3 on hand. However if you have started a Delve you can continue with it the next day and will still be given the 3 new scrolls. Any scrolls not done except from a potential you have started will be gone upon reset and 3 new scrolls will be given.


I think I have read somewhere that maximum Delve chest level is 10, but I can’t find it anymore. Can anyone confirmed it? So far only manage to get level 8.


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Yes it’s what devs said.


Can treasures, since they are troops, be ascended, and if so, does a Mythic Coin Purse add more value when sacrificed for the Hoard?

Yes, they can be ascended. No, they do not add more XP. This was something I asked about during the beta, and the devs said they had no plans to do that at present.


*drools* Teach? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s completely random. I just try to clear all the rooms and get lucky. I also didn’t donate any Treasures to Hall of Guardians hoard at that point yet, so no bonus from Hoard Quailty.

I think what I got from it is 7,000 goals and 120 chaos orbs or something like that, didn’t screenshot it.

With sufficient Quality in a Treasure Hoard, the Delve Chest level increase for clearing the boss room can go as high as +4 levels (1 guarantee + 3 bonus).

That’s how players can reach max Delve Chest level.


Could not find an answer on my question: “Faction team” is a team with only faction troops (Gargoyle, Silent Sentinel, Arcane Golem, Ethereal Centry for Hall of Guardians; Watch Mother, Ocularen, Ocularen Leech, Xerodar for All-Seeing Eye)? Or can I use Whitehelm and Darkstone troops as well (respectively to their factions)?

Only faction troops.


I believe changes in resurrection/summon on death mechanics in pet rescue and similar stuff hasn’t been mentioned in patch notes.
Resurrected (like Infernal King) or summoned on death (like Ancient Horror) troops now spawn at level equal to original troops level, though still untraited, instead of weaklings that they were before the update.

I haven’t checked how this works with Goblin King’s summon yet.


Based from the data I see, it did indeed changed without any mention in patch note.

  • Summon by spell - summoned troop will have the same level at summoner’s magic stats.
  • Summon by trait - summoned troop will have the same level as its summoner.
  • Both 2 type of Summons will still capped at level 20 with collection rules in PvP/Arena/Guild War for both sides, but not capped for enemies’s side in the modes that their troops’ levels can go over 20; Raid/Invasion/Pet Rescue/Class event/Delve.
  • Summon by trait by AI in those 5 modes - summoned troop will have no trait. So Infernal King in Pet Rescue will only able to resurrect once.

You can read more about it with screenshot below.


Confirmation that this rule applied in Delve. This Baby Dragon come from level 72 The Dragon Soul’s Rebirth trait.


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