Tower of Doom, First Impressions


Of course it’s hard, he is hanging out with my Skellebros Andy and Gregor!

I saw this team only once and very earlier, so i didn’t had much trouble, but i can imagine how it can be challenging at higher levels because the Skelletons will make more and more skulls without losing their turns unless frozen.


Xathenos reducing magic was also a problem


A silly troop that gave me a lot of trouble, thanks to the high stats, was the Frost Lizard in Glacyon’s team, sometimes it would chain a lot and each spell was able to kill my troops.


It was the first one I lost on my alt - I’m gonna have to wait until I unlock the Skeleton Key before changing back to Titan, I think :stuck_out_tongue:

So my interesting hot take from the disappointing and mediocre rewards is that I think it would actually greatly increase spending if the leaderboard rewards were higher - lots of people paying to try to win it, but only a few good payouts. $0.02.


The 25+ boss is a coin flip you really need a good start or game over and it also can loop you like crazy


I spend gems but I don’t try and complete a weekly event on day 1 and then complain to Devs it’s a gem sink…You are not going to complete a week long event on day 1 unless you spend a bunch more Gems then anyone else. The ones that run the price of first place is not the Devs…It’s the man in the mirror. There is a 25 floor tower and some are on floor 27 after 1 day. Any of us can do that but some of us can do math and choose not to. Cashing in gems way over what you can get back just to say I won and pat myself on the back is not my way of playing. I say to each their own. Just don’t blame me when you have to spend real cash to get more gems. The Devs will be glad to change out a $100 for you.


So you’re making a blanket statement about other players complaining about a situation and calling it a gem sink and you’re calling them wrong because one person/some people completely unrelated to those people decided to do some of the upper floors? How many people in this thread are even trying to complete a weekly event on day 1?

Nice though! I’m a big fan of people when they make a big assumption of a group because they generalize the group based on the actions of one or few.

Feel free to take the entire week to arrive to the same conclusion though as everyone else…

unless you already did. Which kind of makes your first statement silly.

Because less gems are coming back than going out, aka a bloody gem sink, and that’s why people are commenting about it.

You don’t have to be in 1st place on the leaderboard to call something a gem sink.

Well, you can cash in gems way over what you can get back, still lose, pat yourself on the back and try to demean the people you lost to as if that makes you a bigger man.

But you’re right, to each their own.

PS: I hope the man in the mirror enjoyed the new Thief class event last weekend.

Don’t worry, I’ll still blame you even though if I paid for gems, it would be completely unrelated to you.


Had your GM pm me like crazy because he thought I was going to ruin your guilds 8 way tie. How silly is that over a game. Pretty sad to me. People afraid to go to sleep because they may get passed is pathetic in my book. I actually was just finishing up my sigils I had already bought after I had gotten back from dinner with friends. Yep real life stuff outside of game.


Just want to point out the silly people you talking about who spend real money are the reason the game is still alive and YOU still can play for free. So if i was you, i would be more respectful when i talk about them.


Earn gems?

As for less stressful than guilds wars…
I’m not sure what is more stressful, fighting repeated over power teams using a mono-color deck or fighting repeated over power teams using a mono-color deck… oh wait :thinking:


It’s absolutely the exact opposite of that. You don’t get much gems and it is much more stressful to the point it rivals delves effortlessly.


A question arise, from where it come that theory about everyone getting same floors, as in, the unlock scroll being always on same team?

Cuz even being in a non talkative at all guild the theory have been proven wrong 3 times at least, as in, the team that gave the unlock scroll was different for different ppls (like on floor 12 there was at least 3 room that gave the scroll).

Imo is just random like everything else in this game.


Everyone in the same guild get the same reward in each room but it is different between each guild


I can guarantee that the unlock scrolls are the same for each guild member. We’ve been communicating the room & not once has it been incorrect. The other rooms may contain other scrolls but only one will be the unlock scroll :+1:t2:
As mentioned previously these change from guild to guild though so will be different in that aspect.


Just to be fair: Both Delves and Guild War Battles have huge penalties if you lose the battles as you can’t change teams and try some other strategy. But on the other hand it’s quite infuriating as high level Raids sometimes. Specially when the “Doom of_______” triggers a Deathmark and it actually kills a troop… I wish the devs would stop pushing this Tauros :poop: of random kills and bloated stats and would try to make enemies really interesting and engaging for once…

  1. ofc i am talking about the same guild lol and…

  2. on guild announce there was the list saying 12-3 , nothing, on psn they told me was on 2 not 3, nothing, i got it on room 4.

  3. After another posted for floor 15 and after a while on psn someone told it was wrong.


There is a chance that someone confused the rooms because the distribution per rarity is oddly positioned. Next to the Rare Room, ath the right, we have an Epic one and some would assume it was/should be the Ultra Rare Room.

I’m not saying it wasn’t a bug at all, could be, but we had some small confusion in my guild regarding the positions of the rooms so the experience could be similar i guess.


The 2 events are not like-for-like and it’s difficult to label stress to be same in the two events.
This is why i used “not sure” as a loose statement.

Guild Wars has a much better reward system with no gem sinks for full competition while losing a match can cause the entire guild grief at higher brackets.
At least with guild wars you do not fight the game in warlord 500 where a Spirit Fox or an Astral Spirit can one shot you at start.

Tower of Doom on the other hand to compete you need to spend gems and the rewards are petty for what you put in.
Also from a different perspective, lets say you purchased to a certain tier for 1000 gems and was no longer able to progress due to ridiculous difficulty, that alone is a huge penalty for the individual.

Maybe i was harsh and bashed Salty only but there is one truth in her statement which i will highlight on.

This is true and i have never seen my guild coming together this strong to work together to compile the scroll locations and actively discuss team builds and strategies.
Even a member who said would never download discord even downloaded the app just for this event.

I really appreciate devs bringing out new contents for us but the point i want to argue from my original post is that you can’t polish a turd to call it a diamond.


As you are talking about me, a few corrections needed: I msged you to make you realize we were all awake and ready to play more if needed. So in fact I was more trying to help you than us. It was clear that if you reached a certain number, we would have played more. Note that 1st answer you gave me was “Be prepared to all play a lot because I have 30k gems”. But after all, you are not forced to answer to anyone sending you a msg…
About staying awake till reset, in fact I slept a few hours but indeed reset time is AWFUL for europeans players who desire to go for 1st rank leaderboard. Its at 8am. This reset time should change from time to time to also advantage the Euro players.


Not arguing this by any measure, but “give to caesar what is caesar’s”.
I can even forgive the extra 1000 gems needed to unlock the full upgrades of the “Super Mythic” weapon, because they are not mandatory and any players/guild who wish to compete on the leaderboards would use the sigils anyway, or some players who really want to invest in such weapons could help their guilds by mapping out all rooms since they have extra sigils…

The total lack of well measured and enticing rewards paired with more of the same artificial challenges we see in Raids/Invasions (bloated stats and insta-kill mechanics) makes this event really poor, barely reaching a 5/10 metric by my standards.