Major problem in the Tower of Doom

I must bring attention to the devs to a very serious problem concerning the Tower of Doom event:

In Guild war when a player join a new guild after Monday, he cant play anymore the Guild war in his new guild. Which is perfect and normal.

But for the other Guild based event, Tower of Doom, it is actually possible for guilds who have several sister guilds to rotate players from their secondary guild(s) to add more Doom kills to the total of their main guild!

If devs really care about fair competition, I urge them to quickly change how is working Tower of Doom so it wont be anymore possible for a player joining another guild after Monday to also score and give points to his new guild! Like how Guild war is actually working.

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edit: as @Fourdottwoone and @Razzagor rightfully pointed, creating an alt account to play the 4 free sigils at very low Tower levels is another problem than the one I explained.
With a system like in GW, these 2 potential problems would be removed.


There’s actually nothing that discourages this either as placing 21-50 is 25 gems. The reward for actually trying? 11-20 is 50 gems. overachieving at 7-10? 75 gems. Don’t spend it too quickly now.

Flawed system


When ToD first started. I privately messaged the devs about the OP’s issue.
Considering, posting it publicly will only encourage others to exploit it.

Why would anyone exploit it?

rank 4+ gets 100 gems at most
the sister guild where members moved form lose rewards as does the people moving (you can only claim rewards for stages completed while you are in that guild)
as the gems are mailed out to members that are in the guild after the event ends then some people will miss out.

If the number 1 guild had 20 people moving from sister guild to spend sigils then those members will miss out on all the stage rewards including orbs from no one doing the event in the sister guild and they also miss out on the leaderboard reward as well.

I would be shocked if any guild actually did this. Moving members around just so 30 people can get and extra hundred or so gems is the biggest waste of time and resources for everyone involved.


I’m totally against changing this. I would hate to move guilds mid week and not be able to compete in this event.

Just dont change guild in a Tower of Doom event, shouldnt be too complicated.
The fact is that the actual system allow cheating and the change I propose wont allow it anymore.

There are only 2 events for guilds, thats Guild war and Tower of Doom. No reasons that GW have this anti cheat feature and not Tower of Doom.

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Thats indeed a risk but that might also bring faster a fix. We will see… :sweat_smile:

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That’s not always possible. If I want to move to one of my sister guilds and we have someone leaving on a Tuesday I can’t really ask them to be down a player for the whole week.

I disagree that anything needs fixing. There is almost 0 incentive to do this since it screws over so many people for the guilds involved and it hurts a lot of other players and guilds. Fixing this will probably break something else and people won’t be able to move mid week.

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I’m not going to give a lesson on how it can be exploited. But since you’re moving midweek…I can see how this can be an issue that you don’t want to change.
Keep in mind, guild wars doesn’t allow for movement during the week.
Yet players still change guilds midweek despite them losing out on gems from guild rewards.


Yep another accusation of cheating. The guild in Question started week off with 27 players and now we have picked up 3 so what is the problem. We are actually handicapped because they did not have all sigils to use in this guild. Every time the guild does not get 1st in every event they call everyone cheaters. I am quite tired of it and I am also tired of the GM of that guild PM me while I am playing calling us names, This behavior is unbecoming if you are an adult, When they take 1st we do not bother them. For the record I bought all tiers and fully upgraded the weapon. Stop with the constant nonsense of reporting non issues. This is why the Devs don’t have time for anything. They are busy taking care of nonsense. They can actually check our guild if they want and see how many were in it this week.


We started at 27 and now we have 30 because we picked up 3. Where is the cheating? They are cheating because they are in the lead is not cheating, They are spending Gems and you are welcome to as well.

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I didnt name any guild. Just alerting the devs that it would be better to have in ToD the same system as in GW to prevent this kind of possible cheating. As the most fair player of all that you are, Im sure you will be happy to see players like me trying their best to reduce all possible cheats in these Guild based events, no?

Now about this actual ToD event, at the end of the event, I will gladly show the individual result of the 30 members of my guild. The total will match exactly our overall big total. Will it also be the case in your guild btw?

I don’t really need a lesson but I can’t see how this would work. If I am wrong please say so

Guild A is number 3 on the leaderboard and they move over 20 people from their sister guilds and get to rank 1. Those 20 people can’t use their sigils in their guild so they don’t get the stage rewards and when they leave so the original members can return they go back to a guild that isn’t on the leaderboard so they don’t get any gems.

The original members get a couple of hundred extra gems but the people moving to help out don’t really get anything from the event. Am I missing something here?

I might move mid week or I might not it depends on when we have an opening in a guild I want and when I want my second account back in. It’s not just me I’m talking about here.

The DEVS can investigate our guild as I have stated, We have 30 in the guild not 35 or 36 or 45. 30 is the amount of players in the guild. For this to be such a Gem sink you sure complain a lot about it.

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Is this you not needing a lesson from me? Lol.
You’re just asking I agree or disagree with your idea?

I was confused about this whole thing until I got to this post and now it all makes more sense.

There are just some guilds and GMs who feel as though if they arent winning it must be down to someone else ‘cheating’.

Best is to try and ignore them.


I’m asking if there is more to it than that. I’m not asking for specifics I just want to know if it is actually worth it for the people moving over to help out.

Think about what you’re Requesting man. I say I don’t want to give a lesson. So you come up with examples of how people could. Then you ask me I agree or disagree.
If I agree… Wouldn’t that be verification for your lesson?
If I disagree… You’ll continue to post examples of how it can be exploited and ask if I agree?

I don’t know how I can be more clear. I don’t want to teach people how to Exploit the game.

Sure but if my example is right no one will do it anyway. There is no way I would move over to my main guild for a couple of days and miss out on stage rewards just so a few people can get a extra couple of hundred gems.

Nope not really that interested in TOD. I couldn’t post any more examples anyway since I have no possible idea how any guild could possibly do this and have their members from their sister guilds benifiting as well.

You have people who use up all their sigils switch places with someone in a sister guild who hasnt used any sigils.

Now they can come in and make even more dooms for the main guild, helping the main guild get higher in the rankings.

Is it worth it? Not in the slightest.

Is everyone who contributed all the dooms going to get the gem reward at the end? no, just 30 people. Is everyone going to get the rewards for closing the portals? no, just 30 people.

Is the overall first place reward, (or for that matter any ‘higher’ ranking a guild would get if not 1st) worth it? Not in the slightest.

And then theres the fact it really messes with the sister guild who arent getting any use of the players who leave or the players who come in. Just a terrible, terrible idea and nothing anyone would ever want to ‘exploit’.