Major problem in the Tower of Doom


That’s what all this fuss is about? Who is going to go through all this trouble so a few people can get a few extra gems. I highly doubt anyone from a sister guild will say sure I’ll miss out on all these orbs and that vault key so you guys can get a few extra gems.

This IMO is not worth the devs wasting any time on. It screws over the people moving and their entire guild. The people losing orbs wouldn’t do it and most guilds wouldn’t want to hurt their sister guilds or their guildmates like that anyway.


Alts :man_shrugging:


Tbh i dont think is about gems or reward seen, as you said, isnt worth the hassle.

Epeen and bragging rights are another whole matter.

Not a big issue x me but x sure can be added to the neverending list of bugs they are looking into.


No, but you did send a PM to him that we have all seen…

And to answer to your question… yes, we can…

Time to move on…


So, one could technically create a new account, invite it into the guild to play the first tower level with free sigils, free up the spot again and repeat the whole process for as many extra dooms as time permits? Yes, I can totally see nobody ever wasting time on that.



Let’s start with the obvious:

  • Guild with less than 30 members at the start of the event.
  • Let’s define it as 29 members.
  • Each member with an alt account will rotate this last spot and finish two Dooms/Floors
  • 58 extra Dooms to score providing a considerable bump on the Reward Tiers AND the Leaderboards.

Anyone capable of multiplying can see how things can go from here if players have two alt-accounts and manage to defeat three or more Dooms on each account. Remember that even accounts at lower level will have a somewhat decent buff to stats on the event if the guild collected enough Boons.

These are the stats bonus from my guild, which is very casual and most people ignore the Boons:


Or if they have alt accounts. Specially end gamer accounts that they get by others quitting the game. The first 15 floors are easy to fly through. That’s only 21 dooms at least though. “No biggy”.


I didn’t even think about the boons. But yes great point!

Or if their guild has already finished the event or they know their guild won’t finish it. There’s nothing stopping them from coming in “to help”.


Because they are utterly pointless where they should matter so it’s easy to forget about them, it’s another thing in need of review and hopefully when the devs address this exploit breach they will also make the improvements we need for this feature.


Anyone willing to go through that much trouble to get the rewards on offer is more than welcome to them if it so important to them to go through all this hassle.

Seriously the devs have more important things to worry about then this made up conspiracy theory.

In the devs view, are they giving away any more resources than they intend to? Nope.

So wheres the problem from the devs point of view exactly?


People are able to use free sigils to gain success in ToD instead of spending gems to get sigils.


Riiiiight… and if they fix the ‘problem’ then those people will instead to choose to buy gems thereby justifying all the work they would do to implement a solution?


I fail to see how one hypothetical situation has merit yet the other one doesn’t.
If there’s an advantage to be gained from an Exploit. Then guilds with suspect character will jump all over it… Even if it only gains them some gems.

I don’t think the OP said anything about fixing this today. Just that it needs to be fixed eventually.
I personally would rather see bugs fixed and exploits fixed. Compared to graphical changes that do more harm than good to QoL. That could just be me though.


Unless i missed the cerimony where they appointed you as their Herald i prefer to wait for some clarification from @Sirrian, @Nimhain, or at least a heads up from @Saltypatra, @Cyrup or @Kafka stating this will go under investigation.

It’s your right to disagree, as much as it’s our right to discuss this. To each their own.


To remove all possible cheats to keep a fair competition as much as possible should indeed be one of their top priority. Wheter this way of cheating already happened in the past or not have no importance.


Why is it that it always seems to be true that:

  1. The same high-ranked guilds are convinced every other high ranked guild cheats.
  2. They turn out to be right more than I want.
  3. The end result is “everyone loses a feature” instead of “guilds that cheated are dissolved and their players zeroed”?

I’d rather see some real Biblical punishments handed out. I mean this exploit sounds like you have to talk 10 or 15 people into opting out of their own rewards so their taskmasters can reap bigger rewards. That takes a lot of effort. Why not set the offending guilds’ trophy counts to -1,337,000,000 and move them to the last GW bracket with a new enrollment limit of 10?

I think that sends a better message about cheating to make the leaderboard in a video game.


Why is it that your comments on the forums are 10% about the OP and 90% what you would like to discuss instead?


It’s not even necessary to crack a whip on the back of a sister (Out of context this sounds very… ) guild. Just alt accounts on high organized guilds would be enough by sacrificing one single spot to get a considerable advantage. High-end guilds sometimes will lose one member or another during a week, so it’s possible to implement the system i described.

Even smaller guilds could apply this and reap better rewards they wouldn’t get otherwise.


The rewards on offer compared to the amount of effort it takes to gain a higher reward by these means are so disproportionate as to make it unfeasible.

My guild has so many sigils left over at the end of the week its not funny.

High end organized guilds shouldnt need to do this. This is what you do when you cant compete, not when you can.


People who spend at least $50 on GoW get banned almost daily it seems.

That money is completely wasted. What a person or people is willing to do to get video game rewards is not rational by any means.

None of this gives any cause to an exploit that exists, not eventually being fixed. If even one guild does it then that’s too much.

It’s like saying a minor bug should never be fixed because it only effects a few.

Why anyone would be against to ToD operating exactly like GW does. Doesn’t make sense to me. None.