Major problem in the Tower of Doom


Ok, let me put things into a better perspective.

  • If i use my guild as example i’m usually the one mapping out all rooms since i’ll finish all upgrades for my Doom Weapon and have plenty sigils to spare anyway.
  • But if i map out all rooms on, let’s say, four floors it means any alt account from our guild could join, beat eight battles (unlock scroll room + boss room on each floor) and it would give our guild four extra Dooms.

Doesn’t sounds like a huge time investiment for the sake of extra score. It does requires more guildmates to make it worth in the end, but highly organized guilds can pull that, and minor guilds who are falling short of some rewards could do it too.


GW is huge reward ToD is not, it is pay to win, you cant win ToD on free sigils. High end guilds all have players who want to trait their weapons and are going to SPEND many times as gems as they are going to recoup.


Some guilds will do it just to spite guild of thieves because we are so dominant on xbox.

During guild wars, one guild was having members play one battle at a time through mixer so their few ‘good players’ could play all the battles.


Im confused so if a guild as 30 members and 1 member has say 20 doom victories and you remove him for player B that has 60 doom victories. Then you are immediately gaining 40 extra victories. Is that what im reading?


Can this be exploited in this way? Yes. Yes it can, I agree.

Can it be exploited enough to make difference at the top of the PC leaderboard? (where my guild is I wont speak for consoles) I highly doubt it, but again knowing first hand how many dooms that would take trying to do it with free sigils? yikes, if youre down for that go ahead and try lol

Can it make a difference lower down? again maybe but again are the ‘rewards’ even close to worth it?


No thats not it. Its: person A uses 4 free sigils, leaves, person B comes in uses 4 free sigils, leaves etc etc etc


It can because at some point it’s so pointless and fatigue-inducing to face the same buffed up enemies that the time used on, let’s say, Floor 50 for a single Doom you could use an alt account starting the event just now to beat the very first levels and earn much more points.


I could do floor 1-15 in the time it takes me to do 3-5 floors past floor 25.


I actually didnt know the breakdown of gem rewards, had to check.

Outside of top ten the reward is 50 gems for a bit, then 25 for a while then 10 gems.

These are rewards worth going through this much trouble for? Be easier to do a few maps.


Easily could make difference in the top leader boards.
We need ten members from our sister guilds to buy rank 4 and play their tower battles in our main guild.


This is on console you mean?

Wait whats the rest of that mean? you need 10 members to do what?


But on the other side of the coin: Do people enjoy using Treasure Maps? I do on occasion, but at some point i get bored. And playing/working at a lower accont can also be boring in the long run, but it’s possible to balance out and make quick runs.

As i said before, even a new account at level 50+ could make some progress thanks to the Boons, this way the battles wouldn’t be too troublesome. Personally i would hate the process of changing accounts or using an Android Emulator, but still viable and possible.

At this very point everyone have one month to work on a somewhat acceptable new account and try this system to exploit the event. As much as i find the idea of seeing it happening very entertaining i prefer ToD to be reworked, if anything the devs could lock it for a while and maybe introduce another Guild Wars (not my favorite but…) and this would work for mostly everyone.


Oooooooooh. I forgot about alts. That does dramatically shift the numbers in my head.

That said, it ought to be even easier to detect this behavior from the dev perspective then, and I feel even less remorse about banning every account that entered or left the relevant guilds during the suspicious time period plus eternally crippling the guilds.

I had an interesting ethical quandary I was building but now I’m starting to think the original idea of “you can’t participate if you join mid-week” might be the cleanest solution. My idea was to point out we probably don’t care if some guild far below the leaderboard has a member use an alt to contribute a small number of extra sigils. But in my heart I don’t agree with the premises in a way that I don’t really want to publicly commit to. (As in: I believe in certain competitive aspects but don’t like to talk about them.)

So yeah, the original idea has merit. I want to back off the idea of spanking the guilds that did it because I do think there are “innocent” ways to have done this that are indistinguishable from “evil”. From the ethical standpoint, it seems like the stakes only appear once an LB position is obtained.


This would be… tricky… because there is no rule preventing anyone from making a new account or using another account at all, just as well there is no single rule against people joining or leaving guilds…

I’m not well versed on legal stuff, but i know my ABCs, so in a sense people could do it to their heart’s content and the devs would still be the ones to blame for leaving a breachable exploit n ToD.

So, devs, please fix your stuff, buff Wild Plains troops, change Arctic Fox, Frost Archer, Phoenicia arts and give Phoenicia a decent Mythic Trait.


It’s all hypothetical right now.
ANY tod leaderboard could easily be cheat won until the devs fix this possible exploit. Only the first 30 players doom’s should count toward the guild total. That keeps a guild from rotating in players just to play their doom sigils in the main guild. Big guilds with multiple sister guilds are big and organized enough to pull this cheat off.


The reality of the situation: 500, 300, 200. Those are the top 3 gem rewards. Again speaking for PC only and then again for my guild only:

Almost everyone in my guild buys enough tiers to fully upgrade the weapon. We have tons of sigils unused at the end of the week. I can not speak for the other guilds who finish in the top 3 but I cant imagine its that much different. I can not see any guild doing as much work as it would take to do this to affect the top 3 or the only real gem rewards worth the effort, if in fact it was worth it, as its not since we actually spend in excess of 2k gems.

Other than that we are talking about a difference of possibly 25 gems? for all that work?


How many people especially in top guilds even have more than 1 account? In my guild family consisting of 90 people I only know of 2 of us that have more than 1 account.

Plus you have to be in a guild and log in daily to get the sigils right?

Seems like way too much work for a couple of gems.


Lots of people have alts nowadays. Speaking for my guild only, we dont have any alts, its 30 unique players, any alts are in other levels.

You do have to be in a guild daily to get sigils but you can be in any guild and then later move to another guild and use all your accumulated sigils there


That’s pretty surprising. When I play everything in this game I can’t even be bothered logging in on my alt.

Seems like way too much work for such a small amount of gems. My main guild is on the leaderboard and has a free spot we could get some people in to to do this but it’s just not worth it for the poor rewards.


This was key to the “interesting ethical quandary” I was exploring. “Having an alt” isn’t “a sin”. There are a lot of innocent uses of alts. And we feel very differently if, say, a #3 guild does this than if a guild at position #22,476 does it.

“Ethical quandaries” tend to mean “support has to do it case-by-case” and that is always a mess. Much easier to eliminate the quandary by removing the ability to use alts in this way than try to establish a morality around it.

(Like, in another game I played, the rule was very strict that alts were not allowed to benefit each other in any way. That meant being very careful when you did make an alt, because even “you have a discount sale and a guild member buys from you” could be construed as cheating. Elaborate rituals were created so it was obvious whose alts belonged to who, and it was widely accepted that you could always send a PM to the enforcement dev to gain prior approval for actions.)