Major problem in the Tower of Doom


New accounts and most likely ‘alts’ don’t have the cards to add much to the guild events.


This is actually not happening. The guild started at a huge disadvantage having only 27 people. They finally filled to 30 and now they are getting called cheaters for filling their guild, The going back in forth is something they thought of. It is not happening at least not in the guild they are accusing. The 3 players added actually only had some of their sigils left so really not even 30 whole players. There is a guild on my platform that PM you when they feel threatened to call your guild a shit hole because you are just playing the game and I got pics to prove it. The funny thing is all they did is motivate the guild to do more.


In a month, after creating an alt guild with your friends, you can acquire some cards, nothing great but just enough to beat the first floors with Boons’ bonuses.

It’s possible to have someone “visiting” this guild to drop some gold for guild tasks which yelds enough keys.

Or if you inheritted a strong account from someone who quited you are already set.


And at the moment the accuser is in front of the accused… so if the accused IS cheating, then what is the accuser doing to be in front of them???

See how silly all this has become?

There are multiple guilds on console with HUGE amounts of gems and they are spending them. That’s all this is… so as ppl realize that everyones NOT out to get them, this can go back to a fun game.


They never did, look at pvp scoring system. Then look at TOD stupid scroll distribution. Then look at the other events, deepest pocket win in each case.This game never been “Fair”

So i doubt they will start to worry about it now.


I have a feeling in the early hours of Aussie Monday this thread will get closed because it swapped from a somewhat abstract discussion of an exploit to outright concrete discussion of if specific guilds/players had done it.

Then someone’s going to post a followup post in which they lament loudly “they’re scared to discuss serious issues” etc.

I don’t really have skin in the game, but I think in abstract it’s cheaty to use alts/sister guilds to gain LB positions. It’s “questionable” to use them just to gain reward tiers. If I had to make a guess at how widespread it is, I feel like the payoff is small enough I’d be surprised to find out it’s happened more times than can be counted on one hand.

These mantles aren’t worth half the effort we put into them, guys.


Someone actually mentioned something “useful”, indeed smaller guilds that struggle get the last prize and miss maybe few points to it can use this method.

Other than that tbh idc if someone use it to be the top dog in 1 of the 4634 bazzillions free games out there no one know other than those playing it.

Add this to the “bug that need a fix” list but personally would like more to see the effects order fixed first for example.


I think so! Having a look at the current PC Leaderboard, the difference between first and second place is 151 (7 hours 23 mins remaining).

Like @Razzagor, I think I would

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, I guess since this is where my guild’s at:

SO, if we’d all like, I’d be very happy to see how long it took me to clock up ~180 Dooms, say, in the next ToD (or this one, even, if you give me the alts! :stuck_out_tongue:), with x30 level 100-200 characters, rotating them in and out of the top guild of your choice, and video it (for science! :stuck_out_tongue:).

The extra 200 x 30 gems wouldn’t be THAT much of an incentive for me, I don’t think - but I reckon there are worse ways to spend your time, too :stuck_out_tongue:.

Aside from that, I do think it shouldn’t be possible, but I would also like anyone who joins my guild halfway through the week to be able to participate and gain any stage rewards unlocked while they’re present :man_shrugging: so that’s my dilemma.


2025 that’s impressive


By the current scores, my example with a guild performing extra 58 Dooms with a rotation of 29 alt-accounts completing two floors would be enough to move the 4th to be really close to 3rd one, and with a few extra floors they could dominate the third position and earn 200 gems instead of 100.

Some may say: “That’s just 100 extra gems…” but it’s also twice as many gems they should earn by being fair with their competitors. So, if you consider this a small cheat, something nearly harmless i would say you neet to check your moral compass because it’s not harmless to the other competitors at all.


I am the GM of Intrim, the guild in first. The gap is what it is because we dont need to extend our lead any. We have hundreds of sigils left to use if we needed to.


THIS? This is the plan? Like I said any guild who wants to attempt this Id welcome it and I think its way more than obvious how much the reward on offer is not worth that much work by a long shot! 30 different alts? all level 100-200??


Well nice work. Thank goodness you are not on XBOX because with those points no telling what you would get accused of lol.


What the heck?! We agree with the first poster and it ends in this nonsense?

Getting my coat. Yeah, no.


He said almost everyone in the guild got enough tiers to make weapon +10, i dont find that score strange at all, actually low too (but he also said they didnt used all sigils so it make sense).

I am the only 1 that made weapon +10 in my guild and ofc offered to scout the floors seen the amount of sigils i had, even clearing every room at the end i got 157 boons and 76 dooms, make that x 30 and take in account that only fews got to scout and waste sigils, i would expect no less than 2500 points if whole guild get x3 r7 tier and use all sigils.


This is working as intended. Due to the way it is designed Guild Wars is more competitive. Guild Wars is also inherently different in the back-end and it structured very differently to the other live events. Technically, it becomes complicated to feasibly allow someone to join a Guild War mid-week vs a live event. Additionally, the other events are focused on Guild participation and cooperation so the natural inclination is that a player can join and contribute where possible. I would think the exploitation risk is also contrasted by the fact that leaving a Guild at all comes at cost of Trophies, Seals and other contributions to the entire Guild.


Their contributions don’t go away. Just the written history of them. That information isn’t that important to everyone. And it’s especially not important to alts. :grin:


You can have ToD set that the guild doom total only count the first 30 players to contribute.

You Devs really under estimate what guilds will go through to win, and asking a sister guild member to sacrifice for the lead guild is expected. And then there are alts…


Have dooms and boons only count for folks in the guild. So if someone comes in and leaves. Their contribution to ToD leaves with them.


What place did your guild finish in in this Tower?

We’ll its not over, where will you likely finish is the more accurate question.