Major problem in the Tower of Doom


Curently first with 100 doom lead


Uk and you are in the same guild? on Xbox? This is Thieves something or other?

I thought the issue here was that this guild might not win?


The concern of the Thieve’s Guild is always ensuring the integrity and fairness of the competition on Xbox, and we wish well also across other platforms.


I reported this potential Exploit when we got first place in ToD as well. Good on you. :grinning:


Ohhh, ok.

It came off like you were worried you werent gonna win and you were concerned about your epeen. My bad.

Grats on your victory.


Congratulations, be sure everyone can collect those 500 gems, since now we know how the mail works.


It shouldn’t be a problem; it’s not Christmas anymore.


Fair enough.


This is interesting information. 274 Dooms defeated is nowhere close to the last reward tier (it’s just past reward 6, right?), but your guild is still in the top 10% of guilds participating in the event. That suggests that there are a lot of guilds out there doing not very much.


700 dooms to complete all the stages.


There’s 40-60k guilds in the game. So the top 10% is subjective. Lol
Considering maybe 5-10% of those guilds have daily active players.



Nothing good ever comes from publicly discussing DMs, even if you aren’t posting screenshots as “proof”. It’s dirty laundry nobody sensible outside your guilds wants to get involved with. The people outside your guilds who do want to get involved are essentially the crowd screaming “FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT” and hoping they get to see someone banned.


Cleaned up some of the mess. Please stay civil and on-topic.



Ty lyya this animosity is getting old


I agree with you on that.


That’s kind of what I was getting at. It sure sounds like the vast majority of guilds are a combination of (a) mostly empty, and/or (b) made up of casual or inactive players. This is, of course, what people have been saying for months about Guild Wars. It’s interesting to see that information from a different angle.


Heck, this weekend I started on Bounty late. By mid-Saturday I was barely past level 10 and apparently in the top 20% of players.

Being in the group that puts a lot of effort into the game means you hang out with other people that do. But I get the feeling most GoW players are so casual they don’t have any desire to join a forum or chat about it.


100%. I was (pleasantly?) surprised when this showed in the first Tower of Doom, but I guess it really only takes a small group effort to get to that ‘top 10%’ mark. Still proud of my guild, obvs :stuck_out_tongue:.

I hadn’t considered how, despite fluctuating between the top 10-20% (and at the top, usually, within my guild) with daily sigils in Raid and Invasion, myself (buying up to the weapon), most of the game’s active players congregate in guilds of ~30 up the top, significantly reducing the size of that top 10%, while there are still plenty of fairly inactive guilds (of < 30 people) populating the leaderboards.

Perhaps inactive players (because there should be millions, thinking about it) aren’t counted in the individual leaderboards (I guess you’d probably have to start the event to be counted - I think I may have read this, somewhere). I wonder if it’s the same for ToD, then, with lots of single-player guilds scoring 1 or 2 Dooms.

I could be wrong, but I think you start at ~ rank 17k when you make a new guild, right? Still lots, though.

Edit: Just made a new guild, started at 26706.

:stuck_out_tongue: We try, okay?


I do not know where people find extra members to join a guild then leave without a reward. Maybe they are out there but I have yet to find any. Alts lol most have barely enough time to have one account but I digress


The solution would be pretty easy. Tie defeated dooms to player, and if the player leaves the guild midevent, take the dooms that he/she defeated away (including eventual luck scrolls found).

Then it won’t be an issue, as each alt would best 4 dooms and the guild would lose them when it’s leaving.