Major problem in the Tower of Doom


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How would you handle the situations where a guild unlocks a reward stage, but then has a player leave, taking them back below the required total?


The best way is how it is now. If a player can leave and take points with them then that will open an even bigger can of worms. Like someones ALT coming to my guild and leaves 5 min before end of event taking his points with him and also screwing the other 29. This has happened to many in Guild Wars already. If you have a player join mid week they already have disadvantage because if they miss each stage reward they have no way of getting it so basically they are just playing for the stages that are left and LB. This whole thread is about something that someone thought was happening which was not happening. If anyone tells you otherwise its basically Fake News.




Does anyone of you had use all your alt’s accounts and tell all your sister’s guilds move up to do you a favor just get 1st place? Did you guys had done already? Is that why it pop up in your mind that thinking people would do that just for 500 Gems in reward? And the rest of the Sister’s guilds get nothing? Example why don’t anyone of you think what if you spent your gems to upgrade doom weapon +10 all those are over 70 sigils excluding Ravens. Then you can’t even use all your sigils on your main account. So you think you have time to play other accounts? To me it’s not worth to spend 2285 gems to get 500gems in reward but people spent gems to upgrade weapon +10 for reason. Then yeah they can have a lot of sigils and worth almost the entire guild member would spent their gems to get their weapon to+10 then you don’t need other accounts or sisters guild you still can win 1 st place with 30 people


I really do not know exactly what you are saying but some in game think they are Entitled to 1st place no matter what the event is or it’s reward. The Devs lower reward to 1 Gem it be same thing. Bragging rights I guess.


This thread is about people cheating by using sister’s guild and alt’s account to get them win 1st place. And the want the devs to do something. And my comment is to asked them if anyone of them had done it. Because I don’t think anyone would do that. By the calculate of the first place of total Dooms 2100-2200. For 1st place. Which it possibly if the guild member doesn’t 2285 gems that is 70+ sigils with 30 members it able to get 2200 dom.


So this thread was started by conjecture not facts. The DEVS have stated many times if you have proof of people cheating please send them the proof. I just want to say that I do not want to be contacted in game with complaints from a rival guild because I do not work for GEMS of War, I’m a customer not an employee. I enjoy this mode of the game and some enjoy other modes.


@rojo they are definitely has no proof. But assuming. They probably warn the devs. And they tell the devs about other rival guild has been used sister’s guild to use extra sigils in main guild. They don’t believe anyone would spent 2850 gems for 500 in reward. They’re lucky didn’t says my guild name who did. Otherwise I will report and complaint that they’re recklessly report us without proof and that could damage our guild image.


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Though It Would Be Cool As If We Could Start On A Day That Suited Us , Get A Bit Hard To total up Guild Points , Though They Could do it Monthly The Results You Know they are cool n always looking for suggestions . Especially clever ones like that enabling more people to play