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More stats in Tower of Doom - Current Floor each Guildmates are in

There is only one Doom to defeat in each floor, so in early levels, “Doom defeated” can help determining which floor each members are in. But once some players starting to get Luck scrolls (and some missed it), it’s not possible to tell anymore.

So, i would be convenient and better for guild communication, if there is an extra 3rd column to tell exactly which floor they’re on.


Hm, the team are considering some changes along these lines, I can’t provide specifics but I am interested in what others think in how useful this would be


Yeah. I like this idea a lot. It would help us better understand and coordinate where everyone is finding everything.


It would help knowing that you are first on the floor so you can scout the rooms and report back to your guild


As a Guildleader who thinks about minimum requirements for this event, i think it is very usefull.
Just as a bonus, please dont replace one of the two existing ones, both are also needed!


Could you put in place easier communication between guild members. I’ve put where the scrolls are in guild chat but have no idea if they have been seen and read. We are a young guild in the 1200’s on Xbox and can’t message via Xbox as name isn’t their gamer tag.

It would be useful. I like this idea.

Of course. Devs certainly forget about putting this information…

The other thing that would be useful about this is for planning the next ToD, individually. If you know which floor you expect to top out at, you can plan your Sigils, suggest who should scout lower floors, etc. I actually calculated the trade-off between Tiers bought and final Floor, but it needs some work to be comprehensible. :slight_smile:

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