Tower of Doom UI "Limitations"

So last dev Q & A we had I asked if it would be possible to have an in-game method of knowing what rooms contained what scrolls.

I got the typical “It can’t be done because of UI limitations” response.

Is it just me or does it really not seem that hard to link rooms to a guild and when someone defeats the room it changes a symbol associated with that room to what was inside it for everyone in that guild. No reporting, no spread sheets, just a nice fluid system.

I’m not a programmer or a game designer, but I really don’t see what the issue is here. Anyone else explain it to me? Unless the devs intentionally want everyone to be inconvenienced with constantly having to check a spreadsheet outside of the game.

Am I the only one even wanting a feature like that?


I am a programmer, but I don’t know what their codebase looks like or how they are designing GoW at all, so I can’t really comment on possible limitations.

I just know that I could figure out a way to put logos there after they’ve been discovered once. I could see syncing being an issue though, since it’s a multi-user game mode.

But like you say, might be a design choice…


This translates to: There is not currently a spot on the existing screen layout to display it, and they don’t want to bother with any actual changes to it.

No, I think almost everyone does.


No space at all.


I think this idea was posted here since months / almost ToD release - and ist just logical and cant be so hard to realize, but there has never been a reaction about it i think.

Just this one more time I’ll complain about the short guild chat history, it really shows when TOD is on… the first rooms are already a mystery for those in the guild who didn’t start playing yesterday as people update the rooms one by one… We do need to talk about other things too, so yeah, the OP’s idea would be more than welcomed in our guild…

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Our guild does ToD without external tools. We’ve developed a way to notate all important rooms in Guild Annoucements.
And it’s working.

But agree, that it would be best if all rooms on floors had a little indicator next to them, that would show up the scroll. And a scroll with big “?” on it, if that rooms wasn’t scouted yet.

I guess there would be limitation to such feature → data would be read from servers only once you:

  • restart game
  • enter new floor

That’s the default response whenever a feature request isn’t deemed prominent enough to bring it to dev attention.

The programmers and game designers don’t play the game and don’t interact with the community, they probably don’t even know this forum exists. In order to breach the communication barrier you have to:

  • Describe the current behavior and the proposed change in very high detail, in a way that can be understood by someone who hasn’t ever seen Gems of War (or other games) before. Possibly use a mockup consisting of several screenshots, the feature request might end up with someone not fluent in the English language.
  • Repeatedly petition Salty to bring this feature request to dev attention. This is a very high hurdle, a feature request needs to have enough likes to not get ignored by default. I don’t recall the limit the last time it was disclosed, it might have been 50 likes, so you’ll need a lot of community support for even a chance of someone reading it.
  • Don’t expect to get anything soon, or even anything resembling what you requested. It took the community over two years to get an affix on two doomed weapons fixed, a simple configuration change that didn’t require any coding. And even after describing the issue over and over again each time it fell off the radar they still managed to mangle something else as part of fixing it.

This would be perfect. Likely easy to do too. It’s not a smooth workflow as you need to click each room, but it’s a good compromise.

Highly recommend using Taran’s map: Tower Of Doom map It also uses shorthand that you can copy and paste into chat. My guild tries to keep all rooms visible in chat.

This is a good idea too! Not everyone can update the announcement though, but still good.


@Snooj once again, THANK YOU! I suck at trying to find something from here, I waited for awhile why no one updated the rooms before I realized they differ for each guild :laughing: the guild announcement slot is good for this.


Here is it:
Scroll indicator on Tower of Doom floor map

On the implementation part, it is already registered by the server of what scrolls are in the rooms for every guild. The information have to be pushed to the client and shown on the floor map, do not seems too hard.

i think the idea is to let people in a guild communicate more to solve the tower’s quest.

i’m not sure if such change is necessary

Just updating to say it could also include a “Found by _________” either to the side of or below the scroll icon to give a bit of recognition to the scouts and help clue in newbies to the fact that it’s a team effort and scroll locations are shared within the guild.


Can we please have an option to see which scrolls dropped after the reward screen? Kind of annoying to miss a scroll because of game lag, sudden connection issues, or simply just clicking too fast. You already have a screen showing a “?” scroll for each chamber, how hard is it to have that show which scroll dropped after the chamber is completed?

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