Please reveal doom tower room rewards to guild when a member completes it

It’s rather silly that my guild has to use a spreadsheet when doing this content. Why not just reveal what room contains what on the UI when a guild member finishes it?


Communication my friend. Guild that have great communication are going to play at a higher level. I enjoy that one of the events makes people talk to each other personally.

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The people aren’t talking to each other though. They are just opening up a spreadsheet. How is that meaningful?


I don’t see the our Tower of Doom spreadsheet and communication about the spreadsheet elevating us to another level. Even if the game automatically tracked rewards, we’d still be communicating about teams and strategies for ToD. Additionally, we’d still communicate about scouting because there’s still the risk of 2 people scouting at the same time and redundantly completing the same rooms.

Maybe there are cases in less organized guilds where communicating about ToD rooms also gets them to communicate about teams, but that wasn’t the case in the last guild I was in and that was pretty disorganized.

I agree with @Arg the communication and teamwork is what makes the event.
Our guild uses both discord and guild chat to post scouting reports, share successful teams, talk to each other.
Yes we also have a spreadsheet.

i agree. while the event is to encourage communication and cooperation between guild members, the game didnt provide adequate effective tools to keep the revealed room data. chat space is limited. we have to rely on third party program to work around tod. while its not a problem for many, there are players that cant use the third party programs used by their guild for various reason. it would be nice not to rely on other program to play gow event.

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All I can say is the rewards are not good enough to even worry about tower of doom. It takes a guild way to many gems to get to the top of the leaderboards and for what? Some pos doom troops and a loss of gems? Just get through floor 25 for all the forge scrolls and be done with it.