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Tower of Doom, First Impressions

Observations (from memory, so possibly not quire accurate):

  • The weapon is much more expensive to craft than Raid/Invasion weapons, costing among others 800 diamonds and 50k souls.
  • Guild rewards feel quite low, there are 12 tiers, they seem to contain less than Raid/Invasion events though.
  • Completing all 12 tiers requires defeating 700 Dooms, roughly 24 for each guild member. That’s 48 sigils on the happy path, with 28 granted for free. Buying the first four shop tier for 500 gems only grants another 14 sigils.
  • Top 100 rewards are guild based and severely lacking. First place gets 500 gems (which doesn’t even begin to cover the cost to reach it) and 50 Doom of Ice (which may be useful if you don’t have any ascension orbs to spare). Rewards rapidly scale down to 10 gems, 5 Doom of Ice for the lower half of the list.


  • Lower the Doom kills required for reward tiers. If Valraven don’t show up very generously, guilds will all have to buy shop tier 5, possibly shop tier 6 or higher, to reach the last reward, considering the amount of coordination required.
  • Add some carrots to the top 100 rewards. Why doesn’t this contain various Orbs of Chaos, an Orb of Power for the very top?
  • Show room contents once explored by any guild member. Coordinating the event using built-in communication mechanisms (*cough* guild chat *cough*) is next to impossible.
  • Possibly remove dimishing returns from Boon scrolls to give guilds with less end game players a fighting chance for the better rewards. They’ll still need to go through lots of rooms to raise their stats, which means buying extra shop tiers, but at least their stats will get high enough to survive past the first few floors.
  • For a guild event supposedly allowing us to earn gems instead of spending them I’d like to award Saltypatra the Pants On Fire award.

End-of-week musings:

  • It takes at least 2850 to fully unlock the weapon, more if you don’t complete the first 25 tower levels. That’s not a crazy amount, that’s an outrageously crazy amount never even remotely heard of before in the history of the game.
  • Valraven actually do show up quite generously as long as you are winning fights. If the whole guild coordinates well the top end rewards are easier to reach than first dreaded.
  • There should be some helping hand for weaker players, to prevent them from getting locked out for the rest of the week due to difficulty spikes. Removing diminishing returns from boons won’t balance well, that would make fights too easy for strong players. Permanently reducing troop levels for rooms a guild member was defeated in might work.
  • Rewards feel insulting for the amount of gems and times spent, getting a major orb of growth definitely didn’t help. At the very least, it should be possible to fully upgrade the event weapon when participating in the event in a major way.
  • I enjoyed fighting past level 25 to see how high I can climb, as a once in a lifetime activity. I don’t think I’ll enjoy repeating that, fighting the very same rooms over and over again takes a lot of effort for essentially zero rewards. If I want to experience my brain melting out of my ears I might as well work on my pile of treasure maps and get some loot for it.

Extremely disappointed here, its just a large delve with utterly shocking rewards. 1st place covers the cost of buying the weapon, whoopee doo. And this is meant to replace gw rewards? It’s set up for those who have every troop (so have spare diamonds to craft the weapon) to be at the top of the leaderboards.
Yet another massive gem sink & yet another event I won’t be asking my guildies to be participating in in future unless they feel like it.
I hope the new players like it, I have a feeling this will be the final nail in the coffin for a lot of vets…


(Original post got deleted. Thanks mods(!))

The rewards for the event are very pitiful. Everyone needing to kill 24 Dooms is also very bad, especially for lower level members who don’t have the troops or power to deal with level 100+ enemies just like delves! The leaderboard rewards are bad as well. 500 gems and 50 dooms vs 1500 gems, 50K gold and 100 guild war troops in rank 1?


Things seem commensurate with involvement requirements of both Raid and Invasion. The difference is that it might actually be possible to reach 24 Dooms without spending. My first 10 fights involved no fewer than three Valravens, and possibly four (can’t remember).

My first impressions are mostly positive. Things might still go crazy at higher difficulties once all my troops are Death Marked all the time, but for now things seem reasonable. (It is never reasonable to expect to place on the leaderboard and recoup more gems than you spent.)

Further, after the first six cycles you don’t strictly need to spend to the weapon. You’ll already have it, so it becomes an issue of upgrading. Which, predictably, will require yet another new currency! :upside_down_face:


They have yet to confirm that it will be the same weapon in 7 months time. My money is on a new weapon by that point…

How much? :slight_smile:

500 gems? :wink:

I don’t think you want to take this bet:

There’s already 12 doomed weapons created so far, 2 for each color. One does damage to all enemies, one gives all allies life.


Also worth noting those 2 words, ‘so far’ which is the equivalent of sale prices ‘starting from’ or ‘selected lines’ 50% off.
I’m willing to bet there will absolutely not be only 2 per colour.

I don’t think it’s viable considering that difficulty also ramps up. I’ll be happy to be proven wrong though, I’ll even upvote a “Told you so” in a week. :wink:

Regarding those Valraven, did you take the happy path or go exploring? I suspect Valraven can’t show up in Doom fights, I’m wondering if their frequency changes when you are only able to encounter them in Unlock Scroll fights.

@Tacet said in his stream that 505 games the publisher is demanding the devs give fewer rewards (resources) for free, I guess they don’t feel the game is profitable enough to support so many free players vs the cost of running the servers and paying the development team. I don’t know. I’m only going by what Tacet has said.


I believe, but don’t recall with certainty, that one of my Valravens was in a boss room. I do recall now that I did every room of the first two floors (I was the explorer for my guild since I was awake before anyone else), scored one Haste scroll, and wound up one sigil less than I started. So I must have gotten four Valravens in just ten battles. That’s unsustainable for sure.

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wait…since when does tacet have the knowledge or permission to give out this info? yeah…he doesnt. its speculation. i personally feel like 505 the publisher has become the scapegoat on these forums since, hello, they have no representation here. cmon.


I went up following the guidance of a guildmate so only doing 2 rooms in all the early levels of the tower. I had at least 2 Valravens in the doom room, so can confirm your belief.


Because he gets codes from the devs for his streams, and they have told him that. I don’t believe he signs any NDA or has any type of obligation not to share the info they share with him, unless he is explicitly asked not to mention something.

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wow…you are seriously drinking the kool aid

We’re venturing far off topic with this, but that’s probably healthier for the game. The devs get to keep interacting with the community and taking credit for all the popular decisions, while unpopular ones can be foisted off on the faceless publishers (who don’t need to worry about being liked since they don’t engage with the players) with plausible deniability.


I apologize, but reporting what a popular player/streamer that is actively in touch with the Dev team says in a topic discussing rewards/resources for Doom Tower, wasn’t me drinking the kool aid. I was simply restating what hundreds of players have heard Tacet say in his streams.


thats fine and all, but 505 or I+2 would never back that up

First impression: Delve 2.0 with a leaderboard to hook whales and crappier rewards.

As goog side at least on that one can use same team i use on delve and work nicely (even though i used the skel key first until icould 1 hit them).

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