Tower of Doom, First Impressions


No im still catching boons in floor 27


Boss 27 same stats than boss 26

Also i think the dev said nobody will be crazy enough to keep going so it’s the same 4 opponent layout and boss

Edit: after floor 25 the boss giving boons no more forge scroll


Perhaps you got the 6th star before the Power Level overhaul. Today, 6th star requires 12 troops:


I’m still locked by the doom troop for number 12. I’ve bought up to the weapon but only got the ice doom. So I guess my luck just sucks then.


Wow… That’s crap. The new system is stupid. It’s been that way for 5 months? and still folks are unable to catch up to those grand fathered in. :angry:


You can only get Doom of Ice from this event. The only way to have 6 stars in Dhrak-Zum is from the old power system, the new one has higher requirements.


The first point requires one scroll, the second two scrolls, the third three scrolls and so on. Diminishing returns, so eventually you won’t really progress any more.


Well I guess I should have blown all my event keys then as I didn’t expect something like this to happen.


Youre not missing out too much as getting to power level 7 dhrak zum only gives you more gold and souls


That’s not even the worse of it all. If you want to max out the upgrades of this weapon, you’ll need to buy all Shop Tiers AND buy the last tier 3 extra times just to have all 55 Scrolls.

You get 25 from the bosses and all the rest will come from the purchases…

If the spoilers are correct, we’ll have another set of monocolored weapons after this one… You could probably leave it to buy more scrolls next time, but so far it’s a fact that we’ll never be able to fully upgrade those weapons without using a lot of gems.



So, needing 55 scrolls to max the weapon, and assuming a most optimistic outcome (clearing all 25 floors that drop ice scrolls)…

No purchases --> 25 scrolls max --> Max Weapon Tier 6 [21 needed] Illustrative purposes only
Tier 4 [500 gems] (the base weapon) --> 32 scrolls max --> Max Weapon Tier 7 [28 needed]
Tier 5 [850 gems] --> 38 scrolls max --> Max Weapon Tier 8 [36 needed]
Tier 6 [1350 gems] --> 46 scrolls max --> Max Weapon Tier 9 [45 needed]
Tier 7-1 [1850 gems] --> 49 scrolls max --> Max Weapon Tier 9
Tier 7-2 [2350 gems] --> 52 scrolls max --> Max Weapon Tier 9
Tier 7-3 [2850 gems] --> 55 scrolls max --> Max Weapon Tier 10 [55 scrolls needed]

** Note that each progressive tier, the margin of error diminishes (4 scrolls at Weapon Tier 7, 2 at Weapon Tier 8, 1 at 9, and zero at 10, before requiring extra purchases.

So, if ice scrolls are exclusive to this event, and the expectation is six months for the next ice scroll event to appear, is this weapon really worth 2850 gems?


Here’s my take on the rewards, for what it matters:

Half my guild hasn’t even spent a sigil yet and we’re already close to “finishing” the rewards. You can take this as a blessing or a curse.

The thread’s covered the curse, here’s the blessing: If this is the intended way for it to work, this is the event for people asking the devs to slow down. If “a normal day of effort” is enough to “win” when half a guild participates, then this isn’t “most of the guild has to pitch in 24 sigils ASAP”. It’s more like “Eh, you can do 4 or 5 sigils a day. If you want to.”

That does stink for competitive players as it means the portion of the event they do “for nothing” is longer. That probably needs some adjustment.

But I’m also not sure “It’s too hard to mythic ascend the Doom and max the weapon in one day” is a valid complaint. I’ll bet the devs expect the average player to take 2 or 3 Doom rotations to get there.


I don’t know, but i hate it already because it has a Creat a Blue Gem and Explode two random Blue Gems “Upgrades”

The safe usage factor is quite limited if you don’t have enough skulls of any kind close to red gems, so you can spend quite some time gathering the mana for it and then you have to wait for a favorable board to cast it. Otherwise these “upgrades” can really make you lose a match…

Haven’t the devs been listening/reading how much we hate those “upgrades” all this time in the past months?


You know what, I think the devs deserve some recognition. They are taking a stand against climate change and fining those who use more energy. A weird business direction to change industries, but it’s something.


The amount of heat generated by the players that will be mad at the devs/publisher for this huge paywall locking out the upgrades plus their relutancy to change a single 50 gems cost to exchange classes will surely melt the whole North Pole…
Santa Claus is in danger!!!


It just happened something worse in a sense to my guild… The last Boss Scroll, on Floor 25, was on the Fox’s Den room.

It doesn’t helps a lot that Amira also preys on blue enemies dealing double True Damage… and we can only target Spirit Dancer directly until she dies and them we can target the other foxes who are all stealthy. Well, with enough sigils i managed to “reroll” the room until a Valraven took Spirit Fox’s place, it took me four tries.


People complaining that you only get 500 gems for first place and it costs you maybe 1000 gems is not the DEVS fault you can’t do math. This is not a Gem sink…It is a self imposed Gem sink.


Congrats. I see your high horse is well fed.

I hope your 0 gem purchase brings you far into the event and helps your guild greatly.


No im not using the weapon it’s too random and most of time it will help the AI more than you

At 200 att you really don’t want the AI to get a lucky doomskulls drop :stuck_out_tongue:


What do you think about xathenos team? This one was very hard imo