Tower of Doom, First Impressions


Good luck at floor 26 against amira deal 72 true damages x 2 on blue troop
And spirit fox 66 true damage + drain


I thought level 25 was the max level?!

Edit: nvm, just reread the help :sweat_smile:


It goes past 25 for leaderboard purposes for extra dooms. The help text read that ice forge scrolls stop dropping after 25.


What’s the reward for completing stage 25?


Same than other floor you will get forge scroll for every boss


From what I am hearing from my guild and the community overall is the rewards are not that great when you consider the amount of time and gems invested.


Yup it’s true


Floor 26 boss stats


Ouch…The dragon eye nerf just a hurts a lot more now, doesn’t it?

Well done for reaching there at first day by the way!


So the question then becomes is there any middle ground where we the players can work with the devs to come to a common ground of what would be acceptable rewards where both sides could be happy with the result.


As much as I like that idea, I don’t think there will be. Might just be my cynical side appearing but time will tell…


What we’re you using? And how long has it taken you to get up to floor 26?
Edit: that came across wrong - I’m curious to know if you used the weapon at all, especially at high levels? Not the team, trade secrets etc :grin:


So Ultimate Doom just changes the other three troops used?

Edit: By the way everyone… buy the Doom Weapon for 500 gems unless you want to spend 50,000 Souls, 2,000 Sapphires, 800 Diamonds and 8 Celestials to craft it…


Yeah, my guild has been able to reach Floor 10 so far today, and it is already starting to get to the point where if you have a bad gem drop you could lose a troop. Only 15 more floors to go XD…


What are your own stats on this floor? Just curious to see how much the armor/life/etc. scrolls actually help later on


+15 life
+14 armor
+11 attack
+12 magic


Is that the cap? Is there a cap to boons?


I’m still pissed that the doom is for glacial peaks and not dhrak zum as we needed one more troop to upgrade it past 5 stars. That had to be deliberate to annoy us.


Huh??? :thinking:


The final boss room troops all being immune to freeze and us having to use Blue troops was done to annoy us. :yum: