Tower of Doom, First Impressions


Regarding Doom weapons, I hold out hope that they will be like Legendary and Mythic weapons. When the new ingot system was introduced ingots were so rare that upgrading a single weapon became a major decision requiring virtually all your ingot resources at the time.

With the Delves, Legendary and Mythic ingots have become more plentiful, to the point where many players are disappointed to get a Legendary or Mythic ingot from a battle instead of the now oddly more valuable Epic ingot.

If there are a large number of Doom weapons in the pike, perhaps we will be given other avenues to gain upgrade materials for them.


Besides valravens there are scrolls of luck
Mine added 2 doomkills to my total - i dunno if it always count 2 or if its random


There are no Scrolls to upgrade the new Weapon on the rewards…


We have some gems, a few orbs, keys and some “Doom of____” troops but no Forge Scrolls?


That’s the one thing that makes this so disappointing. I wish she hadn’t tried to sell it like that, it wouldn’t have gotten my hopes up.

Getting people to use chat in this game is such a pain, I was hoping there would at least be some nice rewards to help me motivate people to use Discord or FB. But for a few piddly gems here and there, that’s going to be hard.

And while I really liked the idea of actually rewarding team work and communication, what I’m seeing here is really just rewarding guilds with players willing to spend money :frowning:


I thought you said Salty told you 505 games was upset that the devs were giving out too many free resources, You’ve mentioned it in almost every stream. But if you were only talking about redeem codes, and that 505 Games doesn’t want them giving out too many redeem codes, I guess I misunderstood the cracking down on free resources part of it.

Thank you for clarifying.


This new game mode was designed for one purpose only, money. 1 sigil for 1 fight instead of the whole floor, really?? It wants people to destroy their gem piles for honestly awful rewards. Are you EA in disguise.


Luck scroll always gives 2 doom points


Over in xbox land, theives (top guild of course) has 18 floors done with all scroll locations in a message thread. Probably all 25 done by the time I even start.


According to my mates, Forge scrolls are rewarded for beating each Doom on each floor’s Boss Room


Yeah, i noticed that, but still some scrolls should be added into the rewards. Some guilds/players won’t get too far in this event for many reasons (low level, saving gems…) but still having a decent chance to gather some scrolls on the rewards would be interesting and a good incentive to even be engaged into it in the future depending of the new weapons.

Otherwise the intent to make people use gems on the Shop will fail by the very basic premise that people don’t want to play this mode at all at first and then won’t play it later because it would still be a waste of time/resources to invest on an incomplete weapon.

Well, that’s my perspective.


I would have preferred the chat be fixed before launching such an eventwy


I like the concept of the new mode and enjoyed it so far, shame it isn’t all that rewarding though. Nevertheless, it still beats guild wars imo :+1:


I agree the concept is more interesting as we might face some threats that will require help from everyone in the guild.

For example @Whiskeyjack, maybe some of your guildmates could beat some of the earlier rooms to get more scrolls to increase the life total of everyone. I’m not sure how much damage the Spirit Foxes are dealing at level 20, but maybe with some boosts to life it would be possible to keep every troop alive long enough to beat the room?

Keep in mind that if no one get those scrolls the losses for your guild could be higher until someone figures out a good strategy, and some strategies heavily dependent of Mythics and some restrict weapons can’t even be used by everyone. On the other hand a better approach would locate a Fireball Scroll and inform everyone about this room on particular.

These are just some of possible considerations that might help. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, in the end most people chose to use the single heroism scroll. But there will be a week when that team is the level 25 boss and I’m afraid there aren’t enough life boons in the game to protect against that little ******


I was lucky with the squawkers. In 5 floors I did every fight and captured 5 valravens on top of the 3 ‘free fight’ haste scrolls I discovered on the miserable path. The nett result was that I had used 2 sigils only for 17 boons and 5 dooms. I feel that early boon completion will be essential to assist guild progress as the difficulty ramps up. My sympathies go out to new players who once again are faced with opposition they are nowhere near equipped to deal with. I personally would be disheartened by this. It may not be just the vets who will decide that the game is just not fair or fun anymore. This is pay per win poorly disguised as a competitive guild event. Wars is the only true competition aspect of gems and it’s retreat into extinction at the hand of the devs is a sorry testimony to the modern day obsession with fleecing the consumer dry. The fact that chat remains unfit for purpose following the introduction of a communication based game platform is self mocking and defies explanation. Before reset, pressing ‘x’ against an invasion LB player brought up the doom rewards for the top 100 guilds. P1 had 700 gems and a power orb…p2 and 3 decent gems and a brace of major orbs. Today that reward screen is radically different; quite simply it’s hard to justify scant payback for considerable gem and time investment in a game mode that will ultimately collapse due to an unusable communication framework. I am already starting to look at doom week as a gap in the schedule in which I can farm, test teams and have some fun. Way too much going on in gems. The runaway train must derail at some point, and for many, that point is nigh. Absence of personnel in many of the top 10 guilds is a stark reminder of that.


Valravens have already appeared in 1 of the doom fights I have so far completed.


Why not? Look how many raid boss slayers and siege breakers we have collecting dust in the ‘retired with honours’ compartment of our light speed access troops menu.



No heroic scroll ty so much devs


Is your GM aware you can’t spell the name of your own guild? Or that your hubristic ‘contribution’ has nothing to do with this thread. Or that you are skiving from your guild employment?


Sure, but it’s a very new feature so players in general still need some time to figure things out and create better strategies…

Something that would be more exciting with more troops properly reworked, specially some Doggo and Cow people in a certain kingdom:thinking: