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Play the tower, earn the gems

Well tower is upon us, it was promoted as a great new way to earn gems, however as we can see in the shop 1850 gems can be spent whereas your guild for completing rewards receives 55… even if your guild manages number one on lb which will require most of your guild buying lots of tiers 555 gems will be your “reward”. I am liking the new mode and actually find it kinda fun. Touting this mode as a great way to earn gems was definitely misleading as the the majority of players will only get a 55 gem participation trophy. I would like to suggest that the tier rewards be at least 500 gem to recover the cost of buying up to the weapon. So as a guild you can work together to basically get your weapon for free. And the leaderboard rewards should be more like doubled. Then theres the doom rewards… kill dooms get scrolls, upgrade weapon with scrolls, make weapon less functional. If scrolls are a
“reward” make the upgrades to the weapon actually helpful to its performance.


The only real reward will be for players in guilds that make lb that didn’t buy many tiers


ToD, the event where the only way to make a gem profit is by being a total leech in a top competing guild…easy enough right? :unamused:


It’s a great new event. That being said, it’s a gem grab, just like Raid and Invasion. All you will do is turn people off. It feels like this game is turning into pay to win, because we will be divided into the haves and the have nots. Used to be all that separated the players was time. Eventually we could all get there, just from playing the game. Now, to feel like just a middle of the road player you have to devote too much time and too much money.
Don’t even get me started on the fact that this event requires great communication and chat is still broken. We use Discord, but lots of guilds don’t.


From my view point (from a player and not commerical) the event does not even need to be sigil based.

Due to the crazy stats after floor 15 and with no troops like raid and invasion where they have overpowered abilities to tackle the event specifically (scrap doom blade, compared to a godslayer or siege breaker the efficiency quickly goes down after a number of floors), this is all skill and team building ability based.

The weaker guilds or teams will get weeded out eventually and the victors would earn their way up.

But of course… there is no profit in here.


It feels like a very much harsher gem grab than Raid and Invasion. Higher kingdom power levels are heavily gated by weapons, up to requiring 8 fully upgraded weapons for the extra stat point at kingdom power 20 as ultimate bottleneck. Going by current weapons release rates, not buying Doom weapons means postponing those stat points (and subsequent power perks) for at least a year. Only buying Doom weapons without the additional shop tiers to fully upgrade them means postponing half those stat points (and subsequent perks) for at least a year (since you’ll only have enough scrolls to fully upgrade each second one).

We are essentially given the choice between spending 2850 gems for a full kingdom power unlock, 500 gems for a partial kingdom power unlock or $19.99 if we want to catch up after this Sunday. The last one is assuming that this week is our only chance to buy the Doom weapon for gems, similar to how Raid and Invasion weapons are handled, and that the cash price will reflect how much more Doom weapons costs to craft compared to Raid and Invasion weapons.

I’m able to spend 500 gems each week. I’m not able to spend 2850 - 500 = 2350 extra gems each month without skipping quite a few other events that offer non-recurring F2P purchases. I guess we’ve finally reached the point where most F2P players will get locked out of regular game content, on a monthly base for the time being. Unless, of course, there’s still a bone with quite a lot of meat pending to get thrown.


Again. We all kinda saw this coming.


We’re very unlikely to reach KP 20 in 1 years time, or 2 years time for that matter. I sincerely doubt your forced into maxing this doom weapon right now or face progression lock.


I feel like both:

  1. That was an unfortunate wording on Salty’s part
  2. If you squint and tilt your head just right at the event, you can profit, for certain definitions of “you” and “profit”.

My experience is a guild is likely (some scroll luck is involved) able to complete all of the rewards without buying everything.

(We had to spend a lot to get the weapon this time, you could get out of it by using diamonds instead of gems. I’m not sure if the intent is to make multiple doomed weapons, if not then in 6 months’ time you won’t have to buy the weapon. This is a loose thread.)

(Basically, sorry, I live in a world where it’s my job to explain why a statement can be both true and false and I can’t help myself.)

I think if you faithfully collect tribute and your guild is very efficient at approaching the tower, you can still finish the week with more gems than you started it. When you put all the numbers on a spreadsheet and say it in one sentence that sounds great, and it makes “you can earn gems” true.

But there are some capital-letter “IF” clauses in there, and not everyone wants to minmax their play as much as it requires. From that viewpoint, I think it’s fair to say it’s not possible to profit. I think more players play this way.

The leaderboard’s a difficult prospect. Getting on there is competitive. If someone’s willing to pay more gems than it gives back to get there, well, that was their choice. To some people, being able to say they placed high on the leaderboard is worth it.

I don’t like specifically attacking what was said. In general I think this is why we don’t get a lot of spoilers committed in text: anything that isn’t quite correct comes back to haunt them.


If I said I have an investment opportunity for you please give me 5 $. You give me the 5 I turn around dig in my pockets and then come back to you with a paperclip and 63 cents and say here ya go, you’ve earned it… that’s what this kinda feels like.
I’m really digging the gameplay just feel like the rewards are pretty much laughable at this point.


It really doesn’t have to haunt them. People just don’t like to be mislead by statements. Many people also don’t enjoy ambiguity.

But hey, things will get better Soon TM.


Power levels past 10 are gained much faster than the lower ones, a weekly event is usually worth two to three levels, a new faction four levels. In two years, power level 20 will be pretty much the norm, provided you can collect and fully upgrade enough weapons. It’s really not about maxing this Doom weapon, it’s about maxing all Doom weapons, because by currently known data they will make the difference between kingdoms that stay at power level 19 for a long time and kingdoms that are able to progress further.

Yes, I know, a lot of things can change in two years. I like to analyze information provided and plan ahead though, it’s part of what makes GoW interesting. Sort of like preparing for which arcane traitstones can be bought for glory in two weeks, just on a larger scale. :grinning:


There’s already the next set of 6 Doom weapons in the database, so it looks like we’ll get to buy a new one each time Tower of Doom comes up.

The difference between KP10 and KP20 is 9 troops. With how many kingdoms are available on the world map, we’re lucky to see a specific kingdom twice a year. Also, each kingdom only has 1 raid troop, 1 invasion, 1 bounty, and 4 faction troops so far, so most of your favorite kingdoms already have multiple of these counted to their current total.


The average number of events for each kingdom over the next two years is higher than 3 though, plus factions, mythics and bounties. A very low estimate would be at least 10 troops for each kingdom, possibly more due to special events.

@devs will anything be done to buff these rewards a bit, or are we wasting our time?


I agree shouldnt b sigil based…they already have 3 gem spending events if u count gw yes gw uses all resources but u have to spend gems as well…we could have just 1 event (and if they r going to leave doom this hard) then give us 1 we can play without breaking the bank…also 1 point and 1 color…they made it too difficult to add to the gem spending events…for now doom is our guild week off from events…participate with the free sigils but save gems for the other events tht r actually doable…i love delve its sad to me they took this fun, guild cooperative event and just made it so difficult its not motivating to the guild the rewards stink…noone wants to put in the long tedious upper battles for 1 point and troops r way to restricted with 1 color


Here is the thread they are monitoring more