Tower of Doom, First Impressions


Let me help you out: a gem sink is an event that costs more gems to participate in than you get back and that continues to require gems for additional participation.

Guild Wars requires a single up-front gem investment. The reward for winning the event is considerably more gems than you put in. Not a gem sink.

Every other event, every single one, fails to give back the gems required to participate in it at a high level and requires continued, infinite incremental gems to continue to play. They are pay-to-win in the purest sense. They are gem sinks.

The only way to come out ahead in gems in these P2W events is to not spend any gems on them and take the small rewards given for minimal participation. What we are wanting is more events that give one a chance to emerge with substantially more gems than we started with if you place high in the event.

In other words, we are asking for fewer gem sinks.


As Saltipatra said Tower of Doom was a new mode designed to allow us to gain gems, I discovered a weird bug: There is a missing “1” at start of the 1st rank gem prize. Will this be fixed anytime soon?


I must say fighting a team with 10 times the stats is not less stressful then GW.


I think she meant less stress for the 30 guilds that are in bracket 1. But yeah… More stress for 98% of the game. With zero gems gained…ZERO for 100% of the game…


Even then… The first place guild would still lose gems for that week. Which doesn’t happen in guild wars.


Does anyone know which scrolls count towards “boons”? I know the unlock scroll doesn’t for sure. Luck scrolls? Heroisms scrolls?


Luck scrolls give 2 boons, haste scrolls I thought it said gives one boon, but i did not get a boon from it, Some of my guildmates have said it gives a sigil. I may have misread the text on the tooltip popo up thingy. those are the only ones i have seen so far, and you get one boon for winning the boss room


Power, life, attack, armor, and magic are boons.


oops, yeah i was talking about dooms above


Luck is 2 dooms
Haste is 1 sigil
Boss room gives an Ice Forge scroll, goes towards upgrading a Blue Doom Weapon. (Up until Floor 25)



Trying to work out how to form a guild requirement for the tower of doom event. Tricky.


X amount of boons and X amount of dooms completed by X date and time. #requirments complete. :wink:


Here i shared a model of spreedsheet that can help with that:

Any Fireball, Heroism and Luck Scroll should be probably a requirement because these will increase the total guild score for the rewards and leaderboard and make the climb easier in higher levels.

If one or more players are willing to spend enough gems to have all Forge Scrolls to max out the weapon, all Shop Tiers plus Last Tier two extra times and then all 25 scrolls from all Floors, they could play first and map out nearly all rooms and still have sigils left by the end of Floor 25.


This is why we are using color and not rarity when we doing the scouting it’s less confusing imo


Seen each room also got a number on it, 2 3 4 or 5 (and yes roman ones but not that hard translate) tbh no clue how you can make mess.

But w/e, leaving aside i dont find that “rushing to boss” all that useful, if everyone but the first guinea pig use it then goodbye boons bonuses.

Oh well, nm really, didnt changed opinion about this whole stuff since first impression, maybe can add also look like a great source of dramas for guilds and the weapon look nice to use on gw def on blue day (defo pretty useless in the event itself imo).


Guild Wars is a gem sink too if you do sentinals to 5 and you do not place in top 6. All modes are Gem sinks but the good news is no one makes you sink your Gems into them. You can play for free and just take the free stuff. You won’t be on leaderboard but at least you will not lose your gems. For the life of me I can’t see why so many people that have every single troop in game have to complain so much. What in the world are you going to do with more gems anyway.


I can’t tell if you are being a troll or an ignoramus. Let’s presume the second.

A gem sink is an event in which you are likely to lose gems if you win the event. In fact, the events are set up to require you to spend a lot of gems to win. That describes every event except for Guild Wars.

While it is possible to come out of Guild Wars having spent more gems than you earned, you cannot win the event and have that be the case. Losing gems in Guild Wars does not mean the event itself is a gem sink, it just means you’re not good enough at it.


Thank you for admitting to bothering me while I’m playing the game. I do not do it to you or your guild when you are throwing gems at an event like every single event. I just ignore it and move on with my life. I don’t know if you know this but you made my point. Of course I said be prepared to spend more gems and I have lots of gems because I don’t chase a power Orb then come to forums complaining that its a gem sink because I chased it. No one makes anyone chase anything. If it costs me 2500 gems to get 500 I’m not going to do it. The devs do not make you spend that much and complete everything day 1. You are your own worst enemy. One thing everyone is missing is you get lots of other stuff like orbs of caos which have value too. All in all you get some good value for gems spent.


No one says you have to win the event when it becomes too expensive. Do what everyone else does! I myself am not going to live on game just to win the event. The game is not going any where, I’m actually surprised the Devs let 8 people get a power Orb in an event. You should be thanking them that they have not shut that down.


I would also add a power orb for each member :slight_smile: