Tower of Doom, First Impressions


So ive been playing it, and enjoying it.

The communication needed, and the coordination between guild members are brilliant, and I am a massive fan of that.

Troop I hate the most, that stupid fox >.<. I hate that fox in this event more than I hate the Bulette in delves.

The rewards are upsetting. That is the nicest thing to say about them. I get for a lower player, the 55 gems you can get from the tier rewards are brilliant and very much welcome to them. The issue from there, is that at an average of 24 dooms beaten by every player in the guild to finish the rewards, most new players wont get there.

We were told we would get gems from the reward. Personally, I wasnt thinking like everyone gets 500 gems from beating last reward tier, would be great, but not expected. But 55 is way too low for what you need to do for the event. 150 spread out, weighted more towards last tier, would be closer in line with what people would expect imo. The leaderboard rewards a joke as well really. Again, was expecting something similar to GW rewards there, as they are the only other entire guild event based leaderboard. Cutting it down significantly wasnt a good idea imo.

Now lets get to the part that annoys me the most about the event. The scrolls.

Now these scrolls, 10 types of them, drop from 4/5 rooms per floor. Lets just go to floor 25 for the sake of rounded numbers. 100 scrolls drop.

You instantly expect more life and armor scrolls. Then some attack and then some magic all spread out. With a small peppering of power, heroism, luck, haste and fireball. With 1 unlock per floor.

Now talking to other guilds, as well as what we got, thats not the case. In fact, its 100% random. Might be a good thing right? Sure it would be amazing doing that if it wasnt a guild based competitive event that requires a reward currency, dooms, to complete. in 100 scrolls dropped, we got 0 fireball. 0 power, 1 heroism. Yet talking to others, at half the amount, they have already had 2-3 power and a few fireball and heroism as well.

It takes a lot of the skill and strategy needed to finish the event away, and just throws in luck. Whats it going to be next event?? We get 10 luck scrolls in 1st 5 floors, and thats all anyone needs to do to complete the event? Or we going to get 0 luck scrolls and 0 fireball and heroism scrolls and everyone needs to complete floor 24 to finish it??

The scrolls should drop at the same rate for everyone. Not just “average out” over the course of thousands of guilds. Every guild should expect the same drops in the same rates. It does not have to be the same floors and same rewards, but over the 25 floors, it should be the same rates.


100% agree the heroism, luck , fireball and power drop should be the same for every guild. It just make no sense to make them random, it is suppose to reward the communication and skills but it’s not the way it work. I read somewhere a guild got 3 heroism scroll in 19 floor wile our guild got 0 in 31 floor…

It need to be adjusted this is ridiculous


I completely agree with both of you.


Leaderboard rewards are garbage. My guild will be focusing on the 12th guild reward and stopping.


Well, I didn’t think I’d find anything i hate more than Raid/Invasion. Congrats! You’ve done it. Absolute ludicrous enemies for terrible awards and an outright lie about being able to generate gems. Did any of the people involved in this work on Diablo immortal by chance?


No reason to go out and spend gems like crazy to get bragging rights lol. I will be ok with 2nd or 10th. :sunglasses:


Don’t you have a phone?!


My last award on doom was a green major orb. I will leave it at that.


Pretty clever of them to kill the game with something called Tower of Doom.


I’m watching the thread and collating feedback, thank you for posting your thoughts thus far. I’m also interested in hearing what you think at the completion of the week.

As I mentioned, we made this as a mode to break up raid and invasion. It purposefully employed a more guild centric play style to compliment guild wars. We wanted the mode to have more possible rewards than raid and invasion if it was going to run in-between them. We may make more tweaks to this game mode in the future, as it is still very new. (We need to get through the first week at least!)


Happy birthday @Saltypatra


ToD - Time is not worth the rewards, need to add ingots and some random rewards or just not worth my time.


Pass on that too.


I understand that, and thank you for breaking raid and invasion up. Personally, I would of been happy with GW there, but I know a lot of people hate it lol.

The rewards being tweaked to make it more worthwhile to complete would be great. As it stands, while a major orb can be great, if you get ascension, and slightly less with a clan. It usually ends up garbage for most guilds that will get that far, giving a growth or wisdom orb. The fact of the matter is, end rewards, basically past 7, 90% of guilds dont bother because its not worth the time and effort for them to try to finish it, or they are newer players and would love the rewards, but cant get there yet.

Im still annoyed, and only getting more annoyed as most is shown to me, of the discrepancy between what scrolls each guild gets is amazing. I have seen a guild get 2 heroic scrolls on 1 floor, before floor 20, yet there are other guilds who have finished floor 25 and got 0 of them.

You fix both of those things, and a lot more people will love the mode.

As it stands, the challenge and team work make me enjoy most of it. Its just with so little pay off, a lot of people dont feel the same, so it will fall to the wayside in future versions, the same as Raid and Invasion has.

Hopefully tweaks are made that keeps the devs/publishers happy with whats being injected into the game, and players are happy with what you get for getting to it.


Fight stealth with stealth and a rune priest hero who is barriered from the off.


Your suggestion is not bad, but i don’t change my class until i reach Talent Level 100, i used “brute force” on the rooms because i can thanks to all extra sigils from the last Shop tier i had to buy to get the Forge Scrolls.


So despite the disruption to your sleep pattern, the European contingent of your guild remained at their consoles, to prevent the loss of an LB position? That’s hilarious. I would be rubbish at work on Monday if I did likewise, but I doubt that’s an issue for some players :wink:


Not every member are from Europe :slight_smile:


How can this mode break up raids and invasions when it is so similar? All 3 modes have troop restrictions that you are forced in to, all 3 modes have enemy stats increasing everytime you win and end up in the hundreds after a while, all 3 modes have exclusive weapons that can only be obtained by buying tiers or wasting resources in the soul forge.

That is good but is really punishing guilds and players that don’t use discord. In GW we can use in game chat to just simply say paragon is using this team and I beat it using this but in ToD to be effective we really need to be telling our guildmates what scroll is in every room on every floor and that can’t really be done in guild chat.

But it doesn’t IMO. Raids and invasions give out a major orb of growth and some traitstones in the rewards but ToD doesn’t.

ToD is also hurting lower level players. One of my top people in raids and invasions every week is only level 500 with siegebreakers and godslayers its possible for most levels to do well but with this mode I’m struggling on my level 1054 account.

How? we earn 55 gems from rewards and 10 if we aren’t on the leaderboard but it cost 500 gems to get the weapon and even if we ignore that it still cost gems to buy sigils to play the mode. I can’t remember exactly what they give but I’m pretty sure between rewards and stages invasions give more gems and more orbs. Sure the higher up on the leaderboard you are the more gems you get but to get higher you need to spend even more gems.

For some people in the top 5 - 10 brackets that may be true. I’m in bracket 3 and 117 and it is not less stressful. In bracket 3 I do stress out that I’m going to lose and hurt my guild but ToD where I can lose the whole battle due to 1 skull match is far more stressful to me. In bracket 117 GW is not stressful at all the battles are easier than the early stages of ToD. This was one of my GW battles




Why not another GW? Raids > GW > invasion > GW


Since we know Salty is watching the thread, I have a few more unsolicited opinions to contribute:

  1. I was mistaken about the frequency of Luck scrolls, so I didn’t understand their importance. I thought they were randomly seeded within a guild, such that only a few players would encounter one even if everyone completed all 100 rooms. This makes them useful as tiebreakers on the leaderboard. What they actually are is randomly placed for the entire guild once every five floors (or so—it probably isn’t a coincidence that almost every guild reports encountering five scrolls between floors 1 and 25). This makes them extremely useful as a way for less active guilds to finish the reward tiers, even if they can’t all reliably get to floor 24. The current (correct?) version gets a huge :+1: from me.

  2. Fireball and Heroism scrolls likely need the same treatment as Luck scrolls. Right now, guilds are reporting a huge variation in those, which hardly seems fair.

  3. The point of the mode is to encourage collaboration among guild members, which certainly has been the case in my guild. But we maintain an outside channel for communication that not every guild does. Implementing @turintuor’s idea about “revealing” the random scroll once a guild mate discovers it seems like a middle ground between solitaire play and the current version that rewards guilds for existing beyond the confines of the game. (This is much more arguable though, as it might have been a conscious design decision by the dev team to encourage outside communication methods. This then lets them shift fixing guild chat to a lower priority. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

  4. Curse you, Bulette rooms.

  5. The appearance of Valravens seems high enough that it might be possible to defeat 24 Dooms—including Luck scroll rewards—without even spending to Tier IV and the weapon. That means players could indeed make this week gem-neutral if they rely on other guild mates to defeat more than 24 Dooms. But it is a decision that will need to be handled within the guild, as clearly not everyone can slack and still reach the goal.

  6. The cost of the weapon, and the number of forge scrolls needed to maximize it, suggests one of two things. Either (1) we will see these weapons more than once in this game mode, or (2) the goals of “owning” and “completing” are reserved for current end-game and paying players, respectively.

No heroism scroll in tower of doom