Tower of Doom, First Impressions


Yep… It’s just an illusion that we’re in first as well. 🤦


Will believe you when you will be able to align the 8 with the 4 :stuck_out_tongue:


Align this.

Your beef is with the developers. Image was pulled straight from the game. Just cropped because it’s no one’s business how many Heroism scrolls I have left. :grin:


Well must be nice to spend 5000 gems to get 500 back :stuck_out_tongue:


Why do you keep them? You will lose them at reset


Oh man, bragging rights is expensive these days. :rofl:


I’ll use them by reset.
You could apologize now for alleging I photo shopped an image. Rather then trying to move the discussion before you do.

I did enough tiers to get my Doom Blade fully upgraded. So yeah it will be nice to get a rebate on it.


I agree i apologize and congrats

But you must agree the dev did shitty job there, the number are not aligned it look like a 3yr old did it


Yeah but I don’t think I spent that much. Maybe though?
I have all the troops available in the game except Zuul’Goth.
I get every new Mythic without using gems.
And we complete all the guild events within 4 days of reset.
Idk what else I should spend gems on than spend them to help my guild. 🤷


Yeah… So go find that 3 year old and “fire” them. :wink:


Most others have said many times about what I think and how I feel about the event.

Your post covers the majority of my issues, so I’ll add on to your post with my thoughts.

For the record, I’m not picking on you at all. You just had the most complete post about the event that was closest to my own thoughts on the matter to get everything in on a single reply. Excellent questions to ask, by the way. :+1:

I believe the “reward” for the event is supposed to be the Doomed Weapon, with the level of tempering possible based upon one’s personal performance in the event. Leaderboard prizes are secondary minor bonuses for high performing guilds.

Doom troops are the new Orb of Ascension sinks. Because a specific Doom will only be available once every 6 months (because of mana color rotations), the long-term objective is to get a Doom to Legendary by the second event (requiring a full prize clear each time) and use a Minor Orb of Ascension at that point to buy out the Mythic ascension. For everyone else, it’s going to take 3 cycles, or consumption of 2 Minor Orbs of Ascension per Doom.

How long everyone can wait remains to be seen, as eventually not having those Dooms mythic’d will start holding players back on kingdom stars at Power Levels 11 and higher.

Welcome to how most other gacha style games work regarding event prizes that are earnable. Gems of War keeps marching and skipping along towards becoming a full-blown gacha game with all the trimmings and continues to shed what remains of its origins.

Fun Fact: It costs more gems to buy enough Ice Scrolls for Tempering Level 10 (1500 gems) than it does for Tempering Levels 1-9 combined (1350 gems), assuming all 25 floors are cleared for all of the earnable Ice Scrolls.

Because the player isn’t supposed to win. They are supposed to spend to bypass nigh-unwinnable matches. Progression is always initially easy to give players a sense of confidence and security. Later, it is taken away when players are close to achieving a key goal with the intent of inducing those players to buy extra Sigils to reach a goal they were hindered from achieving. In the Tower, that happens quickly post Floor 10, as the rate of enemy level increases double per floor from that point forward.

Just as Orbs of Power proved that if a leaderboard exists, some players will spend anything to be at the top of the leaderboard, no matter what the event is. Just look at some of the posts in this thread for sufficient evidence of this in action.

You are completely correct. Why?

Because, congratulations, you completed the Tower! Now, brave solider, there is one last task before you to claim total victory…

… your last task is to go the shop and spend 1500 more gems to complete the ultimate Doomed weapon! After all, you’ve traveled all this way, spent many hours scaling the Tower, and have slayed the Ultimate Doom. Surely, after all that, you don’t want to walk away with an incomplete weapon, do you? DO YOU???

The event is working exactly as intentionally designed. And from the screenshots of various leaderboards, the event appears to have performed well to its design specifications.

Perhaps, this event is actually Guild Wars 2.0, based on the levels of guild competition on the leaderboards.


One quick comment: At least the Orb of Power had a purpose, 500 gems and those Doom troops don’t really scream throw gems at me.


The Doom troops do have a point, though. They each holding one kingdom star hostage until you mythic ascend them, after power level 10 for those kingdoms.

There’s very likely going to be a lot more of these intentional sinks in the future. I’m sure there’s going to be a very fun thread about needing the Peace Pigeon pet at Level 20 next week as a hard wall blocking development of Whitehelm kingdom power as a requirement for power level 13 (Whitehelm will be able to reach 14 next week if the wall is cleared).


Blighted Lands
Bright Forest
Glacial Peaks

They’ve chosen kingdoms where the Doom troops won’t matter for quite a long time. Glacial Peaks is at 17 with the Doom, Blighted Lands at 17 pre-doom but doesn’t have a hero class. One troop in the works for GP, zero for Blighted Lands.


Curious as to how the completion rate is for ToD compared to other events. Is the number of guilds that complete raid boss and invasion similar? I was wondering if we were going to have a guild in the top 100 not complete the event. They will most likely make it soon. but seems like a relatively small number of guilds can actually complete the event. 100ish out of the thousands of guilds out there.


You’re right, if looking at the situation “right now”.

The situation is a double-edged sword, currently. You are correct in that as of their immediate release, the Dooms don’t have an effect on kingdom power. But, dooms are a long-term game. Unless someone’s going to use a bunch of minor ascension orbs (or a major), dooms aren’t being mythic’d until their next lap in half a year. By then, some of those kingdoms (especially the ones with 17 in them now) could very much be in play. All it takes is a similar event like the Three Cactaur week in Leonis for that to be a reality, or a future faction being linked to any of those kingdoms that we can’t currently see.

Also, as the devs slowly raise kingdom power naturally by favoring weekly releases in the newer kingdoms, there will eventually be a log jam at the 9-10 star range. Once all of the kingdoms get there and pass that hurdle (likely by mid-2019), look out because kingdom stars will start flying fast and furiously on a weekly basis after that by how the system is designed after 10 stars.


I wouldt call 94 a small number, on ps4 only 19 guilds got 700 or more poiints lol.

My guild failed ToD miserably being 13 point short (a deserved fail tho) but there’s np usually with both invasion and raid boss.


I like this option. :smiley:


Now that we are done, I think the mode is fine, though it’s annoying that we almost have to get everyone on discord.

The leaderboard rewards, though, are TERRIBLE.


I think it’s fair to call them rebates instead of rewards.
1st place gets 10% gems back like a credit card gives cash back. :grinning: