Tower of Doom, First Impressions


I will hold my breathe the rewards will be buffed by next event. here lies lmao


Not being on the top 100 gives nothing by the way. Even Guild Wars gives every guild something.


Everyone was meant to get like 10 gems iirc.


So i had a thought would it be possible to make the dooms boss mobs to give our old raid troops more use after their time in the sun?


Somebody told me the princess was up here.


Sorry, Saluki. But our princess is in another castle >.<


Photoshop’d because numbers align…


Say what now?


Read from about 40 posts up from this, then maybe my attempt at humour will be unveiled. :wink::+1:t2:

Edit: 30 posts up.


Ahhh yes I see. I tend to skip over the people having that convo lol.


Floor 100 is a nice achievement, I checked out at around Floor 22 with 4 sigils remaining.


To be fair floor 100 is same achievement than reaching floor 26 cause it’s the same difficulty but cost much more sigils


That would be tough. I only made it to floor 55. What team and banner did you create for TOD?


I find it highly amusing that certain contributors to this thread are complaining about the economy of investing gems in doom based upon the scant rewards on offer. Despite such complaints the exact same contributors then proceeded to raid the piggy bank because they simply cannot bear not to be at the top of the leaderboard. This is their MO in other events also despite the fact that the rewards on offer are a false economy. Economic common sense is clearly not the strongest attribute here; an obsession with leaderboards will always see frugality thrown out of the window yet again.

I am sure most players and their guilds recognised the poor returns on offer as soon as they opened the event for the 1st time and decided therefore to invest only as far as the weapon, knowing that collectively this would be sufficient to attain all 12 rewards and a possible spot in the top 100 with the forthcoming sigils in the remainder of the week. A sensible approach. And yet, 1 or 2 decided to unleash significantly more gems on higher tiers in order to brag about being 1st to hit floor 25 on day 1, only to subsequently whinge about gem economy in this thread. How can the devs (or anyone else) give such complaints any measure of credibility when it was their decision to spend so much, so early in the first place? No one is being forced to spend here.

As I said, highly amusing. Thanks for the comedy Mr Brent et al.


Anyone knows the boost ratio of the Doom troops 3rd trait? It start at 2% at normal rarity but its not specified by how much it increase depending on the rarity of the troop. (at least not specified in the French version, I dont know for other languages)


2% * Ascensions meaning at Mythic, it has a 12% chance on a colored match. Blue for Doom of Ice for example.


You see it written on your game version or you just assume it goes like that?

On my French version its written: 2% chance to Deathmark on blue combo, boosted by troops ascensions rarity. What I mean is its not because it start at 2% that it will necessarly increase then by 2 with each new ascension.

I also assumed it goes as you describe, but 12% max seems low. Thats what make me doubt.
I would also find very logical to give better increase with a better rarity, like starting at 2% at common, then +3 for rare, +4 for ultra rare, +5 for epic, +6 for legendary and +7 for mythic for a 27% chance at mythic which looks much more logical. Because, again, 12% is really low.


Confirmed by the devs a few weeks ago in global chat.