Tower of Doom, First Impressions


I have several members of my guild telling me that since floor 26+, the scroll locations are not the same with what our members who discovered the floor first have noted.
What is really weird is that for me, all the locations from 26 to 32 have been perfectly correct.
Could it be possible that different language version of the game play a role in this problem? I really doubt that but who knows…


At this point i believe any guild fighting for the leaderboard would be unsure about sharing their strategies. Not only for fear of possibly losing the next leaderboard if the rewards get increased by any margin, but also out of fear that we get another change to weapons or troops because…

4.1 Patch Notes

Obviously this was not how we intended the event to be played…

4.1 Patch Notes

When a transform spell targets an enemy, it will now transform the target into the creature of half its original level, rather than a predetermined level

Well, do what you must devs, but consider very carefully what many of us, could even go by a stretch and say ALL OF US, are reporting regarding the rewards and level scaling going from challenging into ludicrous in just a few floors at some point…

Agree, I don’t mind posting teams, but NOT for the developers to at the next patch uprate rooms with new things to counter the teams used.

This has been clearly done with affixes in Delves since the last patch, as well as the transform.

The tower is a sort of hit and miss for me. Although it is cookie cutter really, it is encouraging participation in guilds - that’s an overall plus for the game. The battles are going to be hard, they are not mindblowingly out of balance, but they are not of the scale of high end Delves and you retain troops in wins. That’s good.

I do like that the Final Doom does not scale up, that’s spot on there. I don’t like the way information is relayed, the system in game is poor, guild chat is hapless and then you have the added drawback of those who just don’t communicate in chats making it all the more harder for all but the most well-run, fully participating guild.

So any bonus information about player progess (as suggested by @turintuor will help more people play the game.

The rewards are really poor. I think the devs will find that this first run has had good participation, I’m not so sure next time will be the same, especially with the attack on resources in the game at the moment.

Again, it’s about the experience not being frustrating.

So for me it needs some fine tuning.

Incidentally, nothing has changed on raid, bounty, class event, pet rescue and only negative changes have occurred to delve, so let’s break the habit and revisit the rewards, maybe throw an extra sigil or two per day in the mix too. The more participation, the less overwhelming frustration, the more likely people will buy gems/spend money outside of the LB too.


I think the core of the issues is how the enemies reach level 400 in only 25 floors… We have easier runs than we have in Delves for not losing troops permanently and being able to change the troop’s order or the entire team, but we don’t have any support from a Hoard like we do in Delves and in the end this still feels pretty much like Raids/Invasions with a wider selection of troops and some variance in the enemy teams appearing and very underwhelming rewards.

I like how Delves works as a solo mode, and i like how the ToD acts as a guild activity with engagement and communication being needed, but engagement depends of incetives, not only rewards but also a refined experience that is suitable to smaller guilds too.

Maybe having a reduction in the general scaling of enemies level up to level 25 and this current scaling on floors beyond level 25 could maybe offer a better extended experience. I’ll just toss numbers around, let’s say that at Floor 25 the max level of all enemies is 250, and then for the next 25 Floors the max level becomes 400 or 500.

Obviously the devs would need to rework/adjust/expand the rewards tiers to comport such changes, some other minor adjustments should me made like making every Boon from Floor 25+ adds twice as much to the progress bar of stats gain, since we don’t get any extra Forge Scroll from Dooms defeated above floor 25, and the inclusion of Boon Scrolls on the Shop Tiers as i suggested before.

Regarding the competition:
Put Heroism Scrolls guaranteed for each ten floors would be reasonable i think, for the Luck Scroll just remove then from the dropping tables of rooms and this puts all guilds pursuing the leaderboard in equal foot if all their members plays. Haste Scrolls are meaningless, they are just a consolation prize for your time spent in a room so they can stay. With these changes the players will have to spend less time searching all rooms for the chance of getting a Luck or Heroism Scroll, so they can spend more of their own time pursuing their goals for the guild.

If the devs still want us to search every room, or at least most of them, put random Forge Scrolls in the dropping tables. This is surely attractive and gives players a fair chance to get some scrolls for old or future weapons in later events, might as well create a Special Offer tab on the ToD Shop already with bundles of Forge Scrolls and the Weapon for anyone who missed it.


I find ToD to be fun in the lower levels, but later floors are tedious, and are often stressful. The rewards are underwhelming, considering how effort is needed to actually obtain them, and are in need of a rework. The doom troop is rehashed 6 times with the only real difference being the mana color. As for the weapons, they would benefit being dual colored, otherwise they are only viable for pvp due to it being mana blocked by other troops. Also, after buying one attack and one healing doom weapon, there isn’t a purpose to buying other monocolored doom weapons, because, like the dooms, the spell is basically the same (for both the healing and attacking sets), and the mana color is changed to one of the other colors, making the purchase of the other doom weapons purely for collection (thanks taransworld for the weapon spoilers).


This weapon assessment is not correct. They are blocked this time only. Next time we will have two different weapons to choose from, only one of which is blocked. After cycle six, we will always have five weapons available that are not color blocked. And each of the six total will (presumably) be very good against the Doom room of whichever color.

Basically, don’t rush to judgment based on one week only.


I can agree about the blockage (i honestly didn’t think about that part), but I not so certain about them being great against dooms. I’m not too keen on doomskull generation, which is extremely dangerous in higher floors as your entire team can be killed by simply casting too early or too late.


Could we have the ability to go back through previous floors? At the moment we are being forced to choose between exploring for potentially decent scrolls or actually killing dooms to get up the leaderboard, even if it was beating a set level that gave us the ability to go back it would help.


That could also help when chat is broken, maybe later we’ll see that we missed a good scroll.

Or someone on discord might decide to add their info to chat.


Only thing i disagree with is showing the scroll…its meamt to b guild interactive…thts the best part of this stupid even…most guilds have discord and again made the event somewht tollerable…the points need to b changed one points for beating the boss needs to b added as u climb floors…it gets super hard way fast and no one wants to waste time fighting a boss battle a couple times changing teams…20min battles for 1 point…also ive spent less gems on this event because if tht 1 point COME ON…i was really excited abiut this event i love delve and i like the concept of this event…but don’t see the incentive to soend gems…1st off 3 weeks bck to bck gem spending events way too much…2nd of all rewards for this event stink overall we were promised more gems we don’t even receive a quarter of wht we spemd bck…so as it stands right now doom week is a week off from events for our guild participate but save gems for the other events…sad


Ok end of week impressions:

I bought tier 6 in the shop. Mainly so I can try out the new event more, I can spend time doing what I wanna do in the event.

My personal thoughts:


Guild Team work. For this, nothing needs to be nerfed. I disagree with everyone stating that it needs to be made available in game for those that dont want to communicate. 100% disagree. This mode is designed to have people interact more with each other. The reason a lot of people still play this game, despite the changes, despite the pay to win modes, and even despite it not being fun anymore for them, is for the community. I think most end gamers will agree with me on this, community is what makes them want to stay and participate for their guilds. There is a higher number of newer players staying, if they can get into a good guild that will chat and help them out as well. For these reasons, the emphasis on team work and communicating is perfect.

The difficulty. For me, as an end game player with almost every troop mythic and almost every troop (missing 2 gnomes and a mythic ignoring zuul) and everything leveled and traited, the difficulty was great. I didnt find them too hard, I enjoyed it. Im also 1 of those people that enjoy the harder delves though. In a game where there are not so many challenges, outside of GW, this was a welcome addition.


The rewards. They are not worth the cost of what it takes to spend gem wise or time wise. At all. Not even close. For some, it also negatively impacts on the team work, as why try that hard for basically nothing. (wanted to swear but listened to @Saltypatra and didnt) Increasing the rewards to a more in line level with GW, would cause more people to engage in 1 of the strong suits of the event, team work, and would alleviate most issues people have with the event, imo.

Scrolls. This is my biggest issue, and I want to believe that it was an oversight on the devs part and not intentional. The mode is a leaderboard based event, with an event currency, that rewards those that do the best. This is fine. What is not fine, and I will keep saying this, is the fact that the scrolls are almost 100% random. (see: ToD Scroll Drop Rates for more info). This should not be the case. It should be an even playing field for everyone, much like Valravens are. There may be a small difference at times, but it will average out to be the same for everyone over the period of the entire event. This is not the case here, and leads more to who gets the better luck rather than who does the best and is the best prepared.

For lower levels, I can see issues, and have heard them, that they hit a certain point, generally ~floor 10, and can not progress any further. With a few Lucky scrolls thrown in, that should get them ~13 dooms each, which I think is ~tier 9 (may be wrong as guessing here). Padding the later rewards, and giving a small increase in rewards in earlier tiers, as well as increasing the rewards for leaderboard places, would help fix a lot of the issues and would reward those guilds that are able to get so far. Currently with ~19 hours left of the event, only 75 guilds on PC have completed the event to all tiers. With thousands of guilds, this is a very small % and those finishing all the tiers deserve more than 6k gold, a major brussel sprout and 6 copies of a card. Especially since from tier 9 all you get extra is 16.5k gold, 11 cards, 2 minor and 1 major orbs. Orbs can be good, but not good enough to push that hard to finish

Lastly, the chat issues cause a bunch of issues for people in this event, and many others as well as annoying the community in general, even the devs. I understand its not a simple fix and will take time to work on proper solutions that will actually work rather than using bandaids to fix a leaky boat. But until such time as they are fixed, people will be upset about having to communicate outside of the game for things that are required in game events

My overview as well:


Everything I say here is solely for the improvement of this event to as many people as possible.

First off, the Leaderboard does not reward enough, as many have said. I’m sure there’s some lovely people in this thread talking air about being first place on the first day of the event yada yada, but I’m talking about the grand scheme of things.

What incentive is there to buy Tier 7 for 500 gems if 51st gets 10 gems? 21st place gets 25 gems? 11th gets 50 gems? 7th gets 75 gems? … anybody?

What if it wasn’t about the gems? What if the value was solely the Doom troops?

From the 21 Dooms you get from Stage 12 completion, that’s already enough to take it to Ultra Rare. (16 needed).

To get to Epic, you need 41 copies in total and conveniently, buying up to tier 6 gives you the other 20 you need to reach 41 copies.

After that you need 91 copies in total, or additional 50 copies from Epic to get to Legendary. Even the 1st place finish with 25 extra doom troops does nothing to remedy that. Those Doom troops don’t matter.

One caveat: If you’ve only purchased tier 4, if your guild places top 6, then you’ll have enough to go from Ultra Rare to Epic. Yay, I guess?

So there’s no point in chasing the leaderboards as it is. The leaderboard rewards are far less than the higher tier value costs to reach high leaderboard status.

Lets talk about the Tier 7 shop: 1 Doom troop for 500 gems?? To go from Epic to Legendary, I need 50 copies and you want to sell 1 troop for 500 gems? There goes sensibly buying Doomed troops through tiers.

I’ll give them props on the Ice Forge Scroll. Its pretty mean you have to buy Tier 7 3 times if you ever plan to max out the weapon since there’s no other way to get Ice Forge scrolls. Not even Legendary and Mythic Ingots were this mean on release. If they release another Blue weapon, the player just falls further behind on maxing weapons. OR… we could just ignore it. The weapon has upgrades which are actually downgrades, so there’s no point to upgrading it past the 6th tier at this point.

The gameplay:

It starts off fun, like the delves, then becomes miserable around floor 15-20+ depending on the player. Why? because the boons in this mode scale even less than the treasure hoard in the delves.

Hoard 100 in Delves give 36 life, 36 armor, 18 attack, 9 magic.
My guild currently has 21 life, 21 armor, 14 attack, 16 magic, which is far less than a Hoard 100 stat boost.

Not only do we have more restrictions in this mode than the delves, we have less stat points as well. We’re expected to battle Level 360 Legendary rooms with those kind of upgrades and have fun?

So say we put up with these battles. What incentive do I have to go past Floor 25 since it stops dropping Forge scrolls? The amazing leaderboard prizes?

Leaderboard rewards are far too low in value to justify tier 7 purchases.
Tier 7 gives an absurd 1 doom troop for 500 gems.
Upper Floor combat isn’t fun due to enemy scaling.
Boons don’t scale enough compared to Treasure Hoards from Delves which are also underscaled.
There’s no incentive to go past Floor 25 due to lack of player benefits and poor leaderboard rewards.

This is a good event for guild teamwork IF there was actually something worth going for.

It would also be nice if players that perform excessively well in their own guild get rewarded for their efforts. It just seems weird someone that pays for Tier 7 3 times and plays everything and someone that just bought Tier 4 for the weapon gets rewarded the same at the end of the week, but that’s just my thoughts on it though.


On this final day I reached floor 25 and the Ultra-Doom.

crowd goes silent in apprehension

Really hard fight, considering the Boss is immune to life, the universe and everything.

But I did it! And I got…

Pretty much the same reward as other levels.
And from there, Boss room stop giving forging scrolls.

So I must say the « ultimate stage » is very anticlimactic, and not something I will pursue or race to next tower.


I hate this place so much. It’s like delves but much harder and for less rewards because logic! I rather deal with Silent Sentient, Lady Morana, Xerodar and The Deep King all at once at level 100 with no delve buffs than dealing with ANY of the dooms at 200+. Let’s see. Fire has Sunbird, Nature has the “Loveable” Spirit Fox, Rock has Bulette, Ragnagord, Drake and Drake Rider!, Ice has the “Loveable” Astral Spirit, Light has the infurating delay of Clockwork Knight and I can’t even remember the Dark team.

Scrolls also need upgrading as well. I’ll compare a level 100 Treasure Hoard with our guild’s Tower of Doom level.

Delve: +36 Health, +36 Armor, +18 Attack and +9 Magic.
Tower of Doom: +19 Health, +18 Armor, +10 Attack and +10 Magic.

Only magic is better and that is barely a scratch compared to everything else and even then, one bad drop is all it takes to end your team insanely quick.

PS: Tacet, the doom team you recommended for the boss wasn’t great. Khopeshi, Dragon’s Eye, Apothecary and Megavore is incredibly inconsistent and most will die in one hit from pretty much anything.


For bosses i never lost so far using Morana, Sea witch, Apotecary and hero with yasmine pride (as class i used titan).

All but witch are immune to death mark and anyway apo can cleanse it and borealis/hyndla freeze while charging yasmine.

But overall i feel the same as you, still got sigils but they can rot there, no point waste hours for what? a whopping ONE point and nothing else (that’s past lvl 26) only “useful” x epeen purpose.


Yeah, some of us are night shift factory workers in the U.S. who get screwed by the 0200 Lima Monday reset. Complaining that euro reset is at 0800 Lima shakes head


This event is just the worst. It’s an inferior version of delves which I already decided weren’t worth my time, except the tower battles take MUCH longer to complete than delves do, it takes a ridiculous number of sigils to make progress climbing the tower even with a guild that coordinates on scouting, and WTF on the rewards. My reward is… Special event exclusive materials to upgrade a weapon that completely arbitrarily requires special materials to upgrade, and requires SO MANY of this material it’s basically impossible to upgrade fully?

Oh, I also get an infinitesmally small amount of gold and souls for winning each fight. I am so glad my fights against enemies with 400-600 total life/armor and 100+ atk, struggling against instant death if I get a single unlucky result from the AI for 5-10 minutes are rewarded so handsomely with… let’s see… 800 gold, 30 souls, and 2 glory. Meanwhile I could just run my soul farming pvp team to get 2-5k gold, 300ish souls, and 2-5 glory in under two minutes.

But maybe the guild rewards make it more worth it? Nah, it’s pretty much comparable to the other events with one tiny little exception… The required number of dooms is straight up insane! At least in the other events, our most powerful guild mates can pick up some of the slack for the weaker ones, but nope. Here our most powerful guild mates have to waste their sigils scouting, so they will go up far fewer floors, then the weaker guild members just get hard blocked when their weak teams can’t handle the insanely inflated troop stats that get thrown around.

I am hoping my guild makes this event optional, because it is just awful.


Make dooms past 25 worth 2 or something, it seemed pretty insane for me to spend 5 sigils at times to gain one point as I ended up being the scout pushing the furthest up the tower in my guild floor 19 to 38 were scouted by me for 64 boons and 56 dooms


Special Weapon Scrolls should last until at least Floor 50.
It’s just been a grind with little upside for 59 floors now.


Too bad your photoshop skill suck :slight_smile:


My first impression of TOD. Costly and time consuming. We figured out the communication challenges pretty quickly, but we found that not many of us really liked this game. Fireball scroll on floor 38, really? Heroism scroll past floor 40, random? I think not. As the pack mule, I was able to go ahead and clear floors, report back. Fortunately, i did not make any gem purchases as I had a few squirreled away. What about those players that simply cannot afford to make these kinds of purchases? TOD is focused on exploiting higher level players? After 54 exhausting floors, there was no sense of accomplishment. This game is tedious and expensive. We should initiate a discussion within our guild to boycott TOD. There are so many more opportunities to enjoy within GOW.