Tower of Doom, First Impressions


And to make it more appealing some scantily-clad Kristarian ladies, or gentlemen, with a provocative/sexy look in their eyes. Something like:


But seriously now, 10 ingots would be one dolar of that offer if you divide the amount of ingots by the cost, and since the ToD occurs only once each month, so far, players would have a chance to get the weapon once their guild finishes the requirements. In some cases, depending of the weapon, some might be usable and having more and more weapons available could sparkk the interest for such bundle IF such offer would be less mediocre because let’s be frank, 5000 souls can be earned killing Soul Gnomes…

Regarding the Shop and Offers in the game i feel the Devs/Publisher could invest more time making those more appropriate and appealing in some special events like Black Fridays. If they would implement a system where each purchase gives you a discount in the next purchases during a Black Friday, for example, they could probably have good sales as a newish player would buy a DK Armor, then get a discount in a weapon bundle, another discount for a Dwarf avatar, and for that “Path of Something” with a Mythic…

I don’t know how the sales goes day-by-day, but there are inumerous ways to make them better in some periods.


I have made so many essays on how messed up the shop and in game “economy” is from the developer’s/publisher’s viewpoint as have many others.

At this point, in regard to the shop, I have gradually become more cynical and will mock when given the opportunity not out of spite, but hope that someday it would actually click with them how insane the shop is. Only a fraction of the options are worth it such as deathknight armor, or growth and path to glory packs.

I suppose it works though as if we are the minority the devs claim we are, then there are suckers that buy it. In this case I would use it because I bought to VIP 6, but because many of the options STILL exist. I cannot fathom how a literal $50 pack for a legendary still exists when you can get a mythic and 1350 gems for the same price. Granted it’s once only, but then we have the path options so while not immediate gratification, you can get something better. I wish this was a game to buy outright but as a F2P, I get the model. However, there are clear shop items that is basically stealing your money. Problem is, that’s the majority of the shop outside of armor packs and limited purchase items.


We are really the minority, or at least something different, the “suckers” and the devs don’t experience the game as we do, they are not strongly engaged into tis game along 29 guildmates on a daily basis.


First impressions: gem sink, resource sink, omg another scaling brain bash, this one is fun bc teamwork!, oh yay chaos shards.

Second impressions: there is no way for lower guilds to keep up. Especially with no chance of winning gw bkt 1 for those gems, and in-game chat jacked up, they’re going to be lucky to find and finish 5 dooms each. So much for an even playing field.


Thank you for the opportunity to change the team!


My thoughts.

  1. I enjoyed the new mode, nice job to the developers.
  2. The rewards are a bit week side as should be evaluated slightly upward.
  3. FIX GUILD CHAT. it is still highly unreliable. …And the team created a mode that needs communication.


If you wanna tweak it, hows about:

More sigils per day
100 floors
Slower increase in level gain by enemy.


I love that this is taking/catching on.


I thought everyone used the term “hot take?”

Question for you all, if you don’t use guild chat, what are you using to communicate with your guilds?


We use discord.


Discord to discuss what we are doing. Google Sheets to keep track of what is where.

May change for next ToD, but atm thats it.

1 of the other guilds is using just a message, with it formatted right and they just copy and paste it every new room with the new info and keep updating that


I… I didn’t even think of this.

As I’ve said, Towers of Doom are, basically, Guild Delves, with a twist. So, where are the Underworld style rewards? No reason you cant throw in some Chaos Shards into those (currently, very small) 12 Rewards. I would be all for that. Putting some (more) in the Tiers would be nice too, like they do for Faction Events. But, since they put the Forge Scrolls in there already, I doubt that will happen.

We use Xbox’s Group Chat or whatever it’s called and we have an Xbox Club as well.

Personally, I’ve never been a huge Discord fan. Ive used it here and there for Pokemon Go… And that’s about it. But, that’s just me. I know a lot of people like it.


When all lines of communications are down, there is only one option.


Wow I’m jealous. All my Guild has are these. We just use really long string. Haha.


Still works better than the in game Guild Chat, though xD


We use PS messages app. Guild chat rarely gets looked at by anyone


Discord as so many others.


Why after somebody defeated a room not just show to the others in the guild what scroll is in this room instead of ‘Random Scroll’?
Why force players to use some outside spreadsheets for something that can so easily be inside the game?


No progress made at the higher levels because all it takes at the later levels is one bad match or one BS lucky drop for the enemy to completely wipe you out just like the later levels of delves which also suck so much! Thank god you can’t fight the full delve teams in the tower of doom because if Silent Sentient was there with the other Hall troops? No chance.


I refuse to join discord, which means I either have to beg others in my guild to use the chat or just try out the rooms myself.

The forced communication in this event feels completely artificial because the natural thing to do would be to reveal the scroll type when it is first found by someone in the guild.