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Top guild leaders, and their guild requirements

As we all know in 2.1 guilds got a revamp, so i am wonder how are top guilds reconstructing themselves to make sure that their players are doing a noteworthy effort of earning their keep. What are your guild requirements and what is your guild? I am wondering about this subject since i know it is possible that donations will be messed with.

We’ve kept gold donation requirements at below the average needed to cap all tasks, because the high-earning members will overcontribute to make up the gap, and it’s going to be impossible to enforce equal contribution. The seal contribution (max your seals) and trophy requirements (unchanged) obviate a min gold requirement anyway.


In Vn4ever, we will leave our 300K/300 Trophies for now, as we evaluate if we want to have a 1,500 seals minimum. So far we are seeing most guild members hit 1,500 just through the normal gathering of trophies.

The gold caps do make it a little confusing when you recruit mid week, and the player can’t contribute gold their first week.

In Dragon’s Peak, our current reqs are 300 trophies and 1500 seals. Last week we had our guild tasks maxed by Tuesday, as we have a bunch of very active players. Those bonuses are nice!

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Well, at least this points me in the right direction for how i should trait the troops, so they can have an easier time adjusting to these requirements.

In Anonymous we have kept our 300K / 300 trophies so far.

The purpose of our gold requirement is to make everyone donate, and not just a few people. But it seems a bit lame when some members are waiting for the reset to pour millions! We do need mythic tasks!

What worries me about the update is not to reach the 40K seals, but on the contrary that some of our members get their 1,500 seals very fast. And once the 1,500 seals are hit, the only reason for doing PVP is gaining trophies. I know there are many other things than ranked PVP to do in GoW, as well as in real life. But the problem is that trophies are still the only thing that matters for the guilds ranking.
Will the competition between guilds be enough to keep our most active members motivated in the long term? I hope so, but I doubt it.
I hope the devs plan to provide the top players with something to grind soon. Not something big that would still increase the gap with the casual guilds, but a little reward that would keep them motivated.


Isn’t the perk of hitting the cap getting the weekly bonus.

Last week we completed all the tasks in 1 day and reached the seals cap in 2 or 3 days. What are we supposed to do the rest of the week?


Yes, but the problem is that that goal is easy to reach for top guilds, and there’s nothing afterward until next week.

Sirrian mentioned adding a mythic task for top guilds to aim for. I’m curious what the reward could be. It would need to be interesting enough to make top players want to grind for but not create a bigger resource gap between top guilds and casuals. That’s a hard balance.


If it was something along the lines of acquiring a certain number of Arcanes based on the weekly Event Kingdom I would be extremely happy and would motivate me to play more PvP after I hit my trophy requirement. As it stands now I’ve been doing more Explore since I don’t feel I have to grind as much gold and would like trait out the various Guardians, because reasons.

Would be neat to see an infinitely repeatable task, unlocked after all standard tasks are complete, where 1 million gold gives everybody in guild a random Arcane Traitstone. That works out to 34k each.

It isn’t meant to be efficient, just a gold sink for people that want a way to dump resources.

Now that the level cap is raised, they could consider a personal (i.e. not guild wide) gold sink related to experience. That wouldn’t really impact resource gain and might have broad appeal. Something like: Potion of Intellect, 250K gold, provides 100% experience bonus for 24 hours.


I think my guild is trying anyway…

Pretty sure that we’re not going to see ‘mythic tasks’ or anything similar until the next patch, regardless of what we’ve been told. Strictly speaking, we haven’t heard anything that would suggest it happening sooner than that anyway … Point being, it would probably take sufficient work to need the next patch to implement it.

Once a guild completes their own tasks they could start contributing to a global one. The payout could increase for every 20 million donated and be given to all guilds equally - further balancing the rewards.

Gives everyone something to do indefinitely.


That’s an interesting thought.


That never even occurred to me. It’s pretty brilliant, and would solve all sides of the issue. :smile_cat:

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I like the new seal system, but with all the ways to contribute via donations and seals, it feels like they need to do something with trophies. As long as trophies are going to be the universal litmus test for guild standing, I would like to see them added to the treasure maps and PvE activities to allow people the choice on how they contribute.

I really like this idea. It ranks up there with the cosmetic stuff Sirrian spoiled, and I dropped a Muppet Arm Flail for that one.

I wouldn’t say no to the tippity-top guilds getting me free stuff. Even if it was just a random Minor Traitstone or something.