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Recruitement CLOSED! THANK YOU!

hello, my Player Name is phantom1
currently I am in the “deathfall” guild. but this guild is missing some active Players. we do not even reach 40000 seals a week. also we are not able to fill all the statues.

that´s why I want to leave and find a top guild in the top 20s which is looking for an active Player. the guild should have Minimum requirements 1500 seals a week and around 500 k Gold a week in order to fill out all statues. if you are interested, please let me know.
I will only leave my current guild if I can find a more ambitious guild (top 20, Minimum requirement 1500 seals and around 500k Gold contribution a week). thank you, phantom1

Hello @mr_magister!

We are not yet in top 20 (we’ll be soon in top 50), but you might be interested in joining Dragons’ Peak :slight_smile:



hello,thank you for your answer. what levels are your guild statues at the moment? sincerely, phantom1

Guild Level: 385
Statues Level: 78
League Rank: 80
Trophies: ~116k

We’re finishing all tasks on Monday and we’re getting 40k seals by Sunday :slight_smile:

Heroes United needs 2 players :slight_smile: top 14 :slight_smile: very active

sounds interesting. if you promise me to invite me within the next few minutes I will leave my guild right now. I am online and inside the game at the Moment…

no problem :))

you going to invite me now? please answer, then I will leave right now. my playername: phantom1

You are the another guild I cant send invite

I leave right now!!!

please invite now! thank you…

Invite Send :slight_smile:

Welcome to HU :slight_smile: