Looking For A Top# 1 - 50 or Close To It Team/Guild To Join

Dear Gamer(s):

Here are some facts about me and my requirements and please get back to me if you qualify or interested.

a) Play Everyday
b) Contribute Everyday (Moolala)
c) Play on my PC mostly and some IPad
d) Level #945
e) On my current team (Ultra Marines) I am #1 on/with trophies overall with 16K
f) Last 3 or 4 I have been in the second place and that is what I am looking for as shown below

a) Team should be at or near the top #50
b) Allow me by the Commander - In - Chief himself or herself to be right below the person

Want me to be on your team
Help me beat by Former Captain, Oh Captain.


Steven Scalfani

P.S. ===> Game Name (is): Steven Scalfani


Dragons’ Peak is not yet in top #50, but we are growing as fast as many top guilds. Our weekly min. requirements which most of the members exceed without any problems are 300 trophies and 300k gold weekly.


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I will say this I am not a fanactic with the game. I do not play to rank myself at the very top. In other words, I do not play 300X+ games a day like some do. I have a life of my own.

Yes, right now all of my kingdoms are maxed (@ Lvl 10) and majority of them are 4****+ with only a few 3***. But as I have said I Daily = Contribute 95% of my money and only keep about 3K for the arena match and scouting and the rest I donate to the team as I am currently doing.

Regarding to trophies I have more trophies than any of my teammates have 16K and on average I play regularly.

Game Name = My Invite Code == ==> == Steven Scalfani (Same thing)
I invited myself and started on my own.


Steven Scalfani

P.S. ===> I do not compromise or sacrifice on who I am in the last several guilds I have been on except for one of 2/3 or 3/4 I have been 2nd in command, so that is where I want to be and to stay. Leave it to be beaver or Let Me Be Me Myself.


So it means you want an invite? If yes, I can send you an invite. You would have to leave your current guild first.

Just remember, min. weekly requirements are 300/300, and I’m sure you can easily menage to even exceed them :wink:

That is a yes and a no:

Currently I have a total of 16495 Trophies & Current Week as of Friday in CST (USA) 198.

Currently I donate of this week again on Friday, 199K.

Just understand there is at least one other team considering me on their team.

The leader sent me a private message, FYI/BTW.

So if you really want me I suggest you coridally invite me:
a) I will give it my all and do my best - but not gurantee on my total period. I do not life my life inside the game.
b) I am here to win and play hard
c) Daily Player = Contribute & Play
d) By the way treat me as a Knight and I will protect you or else watch your guard from behind in the game. Would you put conditions on a relationship of any type? Think about it.

Is that too much to ask for?



P.S. ===> I am looking for an understanding team that has a need for me, not just plays around, and also understand I here to contribute at the level that I can within my terms and limits of play.


You sound like a Muppet, my partner isn’t even this fussy.


Well, in Dragons’ Peak you will find understanding and friendly members. Also you can be sure of that we want you to join us ^^ And if you are going to play everyday I think you can easily exceed 300 trophies / 300k gold weekly :slight_smile:

So leave your current guild and I’ll send you an invite.

Hi Steven,

Our guild is called Deathfall and we’re ranked 20. We certainly need a player like you and your conditions are cool with our leader. We’re a competitive guild, but we’re not extreme. Our requirements are very easy just 50 trophies and 50k donations though most of us obviously contribute more than this. Should you like to join us let me know when you quit your guild so that I can send you the invite.

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Sure, I would consider your team and guild. May I ask where do most of you (players) live in? I live in the Mid-West in suburbs of Chicago. Hint, hint, wink, wink: 60516 (Zip code).

I would be interested. If the opening is still open.

I thought this Team/Guild is runned/managed by TacetTheTerror. Am I not correct???

If anybody is wondering about my Kingdom level wonder no moore.

Here they are and enjoy.

@StevenDoS My partner guild of Dragons’ Peak is maintained by @Gwynhbleidd. There is no way for me to physically be in both guilds without wasting a slot, so I put Gwyn in charge of it. He has been doing a fantastic job thus far. I run and maintain Dragon’s Peak, which is a completely different guild.

If you do end up joining our partner guild, make sure to behave yourself around the dragons. We don’t want to have to have knight as our next meal. :wink:

Also here is my invite code, just in case it did not work or you are wondering what it maybe. It may not appear or work since I am still apart of the league.

Hi there, Steven! :wink:
I am a member of Deadfall, just like Legalle. Our guild still has an open spot, so all you need to do is leave your current guild and let us know by PM or here in this topic. One of us will invite you in the guild as soon as we can.
Nice looking Kingdoms, btw. With what have you been feeding them? :wink:
Hope to hear from you soon!

So, as @Tacet wrote, are you interested in joining Dragons’ Peak? If yes, let me know and I’ll send you an invite :slight_smile:

Give me a few more days and I will give you my final answer. OK?

Give me a few more days and I will give you my final answer. OK?