Looking For A Top# 1 - 50 or Close To It Team/Guild To Join

Give me a few more days and I will give you my final answer. OK?

Give me a few more days and I will give you my final answer. OK?

Sure, I will keep you in the loop as well.

Please still consider me if you still have an opening and also send me an invite so I can find you.



I have something new and more interesting to a top league and team who sends me an invite who is or who is close to the Top# 50 and who will allow me to be 2nd rank with no or very restrictions.

Here is what I have to offer you. See below:

Total of 85K gold coins in one day plus more coming.

Ok, mate. All of your conditions are cool with us, so let us know if you decide to leave your guild and come over to Deadfall.
Hope to hear from you soon.

I already have left the guild Sunday (CST/CDST). Right now I am high flying alone. :slight_smile: / :frowning:

Hi Steven,

Unfortunately we’ve filled the slots we had available but I can keep
you posted if you’re still interested and new slots become available.
Usually we remove players who have been inactive for more than a week
without notification. But if you have other offers which you might
want to pursue we understand.

We’re really from all over the world so we don’t subscribe to a
particular demographic. As long as players are active and meet the
minimum requirements which are pretty low because we are aware it’s
only a game and people have lives to live we’re happy.

Keep me tuned and we’ll take it from there.

Thanks and regards

@Gwynhbleidd from my partner guild of Dragons’ Peak still have room if you are still interested int joining @StevenDoS.

Hi Steven,

A slot just opened up.

I’m keeping it for you.

Let me know when you leave your guild so I can send the invite.

Thanks and regards

@StevenDoS already joined Dragons’ Peak couple hours ago :slight_smile:


I am thinking of leaving the guild that I am in right now after this week is over and joining yours if that is okay. Please send me the invite by the weekend (CST/CDST) and I will join on Monday when the rewards and new characters come out. I hope that is fine with you, this team did not keep their word on 2nd rank tier that I am looking for. So I would like to leave it and move on to another team. Forget about what is said by the Director of Dragon’s Peak.

Here is my invite code and where to send it. Just do me a favor, send me a reminder a day or two before with your guild/team that you are in so I can be on the look out for it.



I will leaving or quitting this new team/guild by Monday (CST/CDST) due to the promises they told that they did not keep.

Please send me an invitation and reminder here with your Team’s or Guild’s name during the weekend and I will guarantee you that I will leave by Monday with alot of gold to pay into your team’s bank.

I hope that is okay with you.



I hate to admit it but I found this thread very fascinating for some reason!


Same. This thread is a goldmine!

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Alright, so I might as well make an offer.

Im the guild leader of the rank 7 guild.

I have an open spot for you, and here is what Im willing to offer:

  1. A spot in the guild.

  2. You can pretend to be any rank within the guild that you want, up to and including the guild’s supreme being.

  3. A fun nickname in chat like Skippy. I feel it matches your sunny disposition.

  4. I will name a goat in your honor. Or at least a picture of a goat.


Skippy Scalfani does have a nice ring to it!

a) Sure
b) No I do not want to pretend, I really want and am looking for a real rank of 2nd Class Lt.

c) Secret Squirrel would be my nick name.

d) Sure, go ahead.

Invite Code: Must Be Top#50 Team/Guild (Who R GUILty) = STEVEN SCALFANI

Before you send an invite make sure:
a) That you send me a message here
b) You include your Guild/Team Name here
c) No earlier than the Friday Night (CST/CDST) or Saturday night or later, preferred.



Those terms aren’t negotiable. It’s all or nothing.

What do you mean, Pell? You responded and I gave you my requirements above.

I am only seeking for what I can put in, 2nd rank or level within a guild/team. So you came here and responded to my inquiry and demand. :frowning:



P.S. ===> It is your fault then who do not read the traffic sign. :frowning:

He was being sarcastic, hence the goat joke and all.
Read once again the 2nd, 3rd and 4th points in his reply and you’ll see that he is just making fun of your demands, indecisivness and bragging.
We are still down one member, if we do not fill the spot by weekend you can contact us by posting here.

BTW, we were the guild that agreed to your (rather uncommon) demands, our 50/50k weekly donations are lower, we are higher ranked, and you still joined another guild… Why exactly?

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