Looking For A Top# 1 - 50 or Close To It Team/Guild To Join

Yes and no.

I joined temporary. I am no longer part of a guild or team. I just was kicked off this morning without my knowabouts. :frowning:

Are you sure, “Its All or Nothing,” Looking For A Top# 1 - 50 or Close To It Team/Guild To Join

I have no answer to that, maybe because I thought you spot was filled. That is the only thing I can think of Naruto.



P.S. ===> Now I am available and ready to join any team once they notify me here to join with the name of the Guild/Team. Forget about sending it any later, since I all by myself. :frowning:




Just sent you an invite to join Deadfall. Ranked 20 on the leaderboard. Our leader will take care of your conditions as soon as he is online. See you in the chat!

Well, after I saw his latest post about leaving on monday I just gave him a little push to help him leave Dragons’ Peak :slight_smile:

Also he wouldnt be a part of our guild for too long with 0 communication and donating to maps / souls when there was clearly said on chat and announcement, even on recruitment topic that we are donating only to gems keys tokens.

Besides that I have never wrote anything about promoting him to 2nd place. I was even suprised that he accepted an invite, anyway, now he is free to “take” :smiley: We dont need unloyalty members who join only to get some keys / gems and then leave after “mondays donations”.

Ps. Good luck @StevenDoS.



Officially my favourite thread. Someone should sticky this


That is not true, I donated over 50K to your team. But that is okay anyways. You are no Tacet. :frowning:

If not my favorite, definitely the most amusing and entertaining.

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I can’t look away from this thread…



this thread needs a KAPPA.


Oh man… THIS GUY.

Be aware guildmasters considering this particular person.
He will make brown masteries significantly higher then all other color masteries because he feels he DESERVES this honor, he will NOT up masteries evenly.

He will also donate to maps and souls because he feels he knows better…

I wish i were joking.


He’s the brown master huh? All you gotta do is read the posts above to see that.


Someone is taking GoW a teeny weeny too serious. Or let’s hope he’s trolling :slight_smile:

I have decided that I was a bit too rough earlier. I would be more than happy to bring you into my top 10 guild (while meeting all of your demands) provided you can do the following:

Write a 500+ word essay describing the benefits of brown mastery.

The essay will be judged by myself and two as-of-yet undecided players. If the essay proves your point, I’ll send the invite. Spelling and grammar count.


I offer myself as an independent judge for said essay. I would be happy to offer my qualifications via private message, though I will say publicly that I have a friend who once actually owned a goat. It was well-fed and regal in its bearing.


I’m with secret squirrel on this. Never understood why anyone would level anything but brown, just beggars belief.


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Lol, which guild is yours?

Look like us dragons get to eat the knight after all! Rawwrr! :wink: