Top guilds with new update.what's your new Guild rules


What be interested with the new update.what the Top guild leaders have set as there Guild it give us a idea what we need to do on ps4 and Xbox. When it arrives


I am extremely interested in this as well.

Obviously for a top guild 1500 seals would be required.

What I am particularly interested in is how guilds plan to work out the gold requirements.

I feel like 300k by 2nd day is a reasonable request for the top guilds, at which point it can just be a free for all for whoever wants to contribute more than that. But I am very very curious about how top guilds plan to go about this.


I’m still waiting to see how the PvP update affects gold/glory/trophy accumulation before I get too worked up about the guild system which we won’t see for another month or two. Though I’m curious about that too!


Guild Leader here! Ranked #15 overall (PC, obsv), rather laidback requirements, but strict on fulfilling them.

I’m holding off on Seal requirements at the moment until reset to better determine how many I earn personally reaching Rank 1 in PvP. Even then, the requirements would only be strict enough to reach the 10k Seal mark, as 20k removes necessary commons and 40k is rather demanding. So there’s a pin in that.

Otherwise, the requirements are presently set 50k per person (with some minor leeway on those building up kingdoms), and if Seals do become a requirement I’ll be adding a gold equivalent alternative for those who have gold but can’t manage playtime. (Already earned 15k+ seals overall this week.)

Guild Task-wise, we’re managing quite well. Task 8 on two task, 9 on three, and 11 on the last one (presently). So clearly our goal isn’t to 100% max all tasks day 1 (That’d be 500k or so Gold per member, 10x our asking price).

I suspect this won’t hold up overall, but even reaching task 8 or 9 on them all is comfortable enough for my tastes. But obviously, we’re not one of the top-tier guilds you’re probably asking about. :money_mouth:


Nice thanks for that.we currently ranked 3 on ps4.let me know how you get on.would be great to know how it works out.


Seals work out to like 1334 seals per player.

Gold donations is a funmy thing lol
Were all fightin to get to see who donates. With the 16mil cap only half a guild need to donate 1mil .
We have so much gold now we dont know what to do with it.

Might be a good thing though. …
Players still working on kingdoms wont feel pressure to donate all there gold to the guild.


Suppose the extra gold would be handy if you had a short week on contribution for some guilds.