New Trophy System Will Break Guilds?

As the title suggests. I really think the trophy change will break the whole guild system in the long run. Why and How? For one, this will probably make leaders to increase guild requirements. And Two, more and more people will be kicked out of guilds faster than ever. Anything other than casual guilds will be useless and broken imo. Don’t believe me? Wait a month or two and you will see. Plus we all have 500 more seals than before and add that to the seal orb fix… I can see up to 5000 seal req. per week in the next couple months or so. imo this was a huge dev mistake. Again you all will see. All these top guilds think people play this game 16 hours a day and almost starve themselves to death. And it seems with the last few updates, the devs seem to think the same way. Unless there are things to fix this in 2020 sometime. I don’t brag often. But, I have a really good intuition. And I have a really really bad feeling about this. But, maybe it’s false and things will get better?

I cannot see how adding more trophy gaining options will increase any guild reqs…Trophies count for nothing really (besides bragging rights) and this change at least will make it easier for people to play any game mode and contribute towards their guild trophy req.
Also the seal req is there to make sure each week the guild hits 40k for mythic chests. The guild maximum limit isn’t increased so no point for increased req. We have our req to 1300 in my guild just to make sure we get there. Any orb spent primarily helps the individual with more chests to open. Why that should be the guild’s concern?


Our family of guilds got rid of trophy requirements over a year ago. I don’t foresee that changing. Tying some new cosmetics to the system isn’t justification for adding higher requirements - we’ll get them over time, albeit slowly, and that’s fine.


The only guilds that might raise trophy reqs over this is super hardcore guilds trying to reach the top 10 or first place on the trophy leaderboard. I don’t see any other GMs even thinking about the trophy gain. I’ve only seen GMs talking about increasing the gold req because of epic tasks.


I hope I am wrong and seeing this in the wrong way.