Guilds Reqs and Speed of them

What is the point of a guild having Reqs and than basically expecting everyone to have them done by Wednesday. I have seen and been in a few guilds like this between my PS4/XBONE and Mobile.

Example…PS4 Guild. Reqs are 550k and 300 Trophies…
Guilder Leader gets pissy cause you are only at 400k gold and 150 trophies on Wednesday Night. Why does this seem to be a common place thing in guilds lately?

I don’t see a need for immediate trophies. Gold helps you finish tasks and get those weekly bonuses quickly. With gold, you can get to a point where you have the 550k on Monday and donate it all, then build back up during the week.

I could see wanting people to get seals quickly if it was a new mythic week. Otherwise, most people don’t spend their guild seals.

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I believe it would be that the guild master is pushing to have the guild to be more competitive.

Though I think it’s the wrong way to go about it. Requirements get done when they get done, not every player can get them done in two days. It solely depends on when they play the most. You need to take in consideration for weekend warriors.

Just an example, Player X can do 50trophies a day Monday to Friday. Requirements is 300. Player X is a weekend warrior and now he does 400 Saturday and Sunday. Total 1000 a week. Guild master should be happy with a player capable of doing this.

Though kicking the player after two days because he has only 100trophies done, it’s the guilds loss. Pushing players too much, or expecting too much won’t do and players will leave without being kicked.

Another thing that could be is the GM is trying to get rid of Minamilist, those players who get the exact req and don’t do anything extra regardless when they meet the reqs.

My two cents.


I personally would have troubles getting any reqs done by wednesday… some people have families and things they have to do… i do as best as i can and my gm is happy with what i achieve…

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The main reason, IMO, isn’t that the guild itself is trying to be more competitive, it’s that they’re trying to get out ahead of the weekly reset.

Recruitment is labor intensive and competition for high-level players is pretty tight.

So long story short, guild leaders are bugging you on Wednesday because they want (and need) to start recruiting on Thursday in hopes of getting someone viable in place by Sunday.


some guilds do warning after the weeekly reset, some before (friday/saturday)

i like the way to do it at monday after reset, with one exception - seals

seals you want to be completed by saturday

never seen a guild getting mad at wednesday already (but i was in only 2 guilds so maybe im just lucky?)

Yeh iv never heard of a guild wanting them all done by a wednesday… seems a bit full on for me…

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@Salibu, you know what?
i think it will be much better if you just keep looking for a guild leader that is not full of nonsense :slight_smile: getting preached over the reqs at wednessday doesnt seem worth it


My guild I was in last time didn’t bug people on Wednesday but as a Sentinel/Guild Leader we were certainly thinking about it as early as Tuesday and Wednesday, for the exact reason I stated.

If you’re in a guild that does remind people, reminding them on Saturday is too late because you’ll struggle to recruit a replacement before the weekly reset.

@Annaerith is correct that the most humane way is probably to do it retroactively after the reset, looking back at the previous week. Unfortunately, there are certainly some guilds out there that are just too serious about it to do it that way.

Nature of then beast…

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Oh, I did. I am in a new guild. He actually kicked me. I was in the guild for 8 weeks. Its a brand new guild 2 months ago with insane goals (which is fine). Its already top 20 on PS4.
My thing is more why have reqs if they aren’t really the reqs?

Example: I joined at level 54 per their invite.
Weeks 1-3 Req was 200k and 100 trophies.
I did 350k and 200 trophies each week.
Weeks 4-5 Req was 350k and 200 trophies
I did 410k and 300+ trophies each week.
Weeks 6-8 Req was 550k and 300 trophies.
I did 550-680k and 350-425 trophies each week.
Week 9 Req was 550k and 300 trophies.
Wednesday night I was 387k and 152 trophies.
(I also had mentioned in chat that work was killing me Monday-Wednesday)
I log on Thursday all set to finish like always final 170k and 148 trophies and than continue on in the weekend. I log on, I was booted from guild and the community he setup.

To be fair I should have seen it coming, he did it each of the previous weeks to one or two people who weren’t even meeting reqs but were coming close. Then also did it to a few who met reqs but not “fast enough” for his tastes.
Id log in on a Thursday/Friday and see the guild chat with people like “what happened to so and so” and hed have some reason for why he booted them.

Now I will also add two things.

  1. He played a lot so he did like 3k trophies and 4 million gold. Which was awesome and appreciated.
  2. I am low level and with the amounts I was donating wasn’t even able to finish my towns. But I was fine with that. I made time to do the reqs. (Ps4 was only recently started…my main and the guild I run is on Android.)

But basically I have a wife and a kid and am the sole provider. My issue is not with high goals…its with:

Why have goals if they aren’t the goals. This “here is our reqs” and than “why aren’t you reqs done yet?” Is just stupid and imo its things like this that ruin games in the long run because it turns off casuals and even hardcores like me who play on Mobile/XBONE and PS4.


This is generally why I don’t play online (anti)social games to begin with.

GoW here on the forum has a pretty fun and friendly community but the state of online gaming mirrors society in general - rude, thoughtless, and selfish.

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I should add the irony is MOSHI MONSTERS Leader laughed when I told him the story and they are ranked #2 and offered me a slot when something opens up. So obviously you can be a successful guild and not treat people like crap. But MOSHI was quick to offer me a spot.

I just mentally cant get over the “heres my goals for you…but I have a bunch of hidden expectations I wont tell you about”


It’s pretty obvious from your timeline that the guild leader doesn’t have his own goals set. Raising the requirements every week for a month straight and donating 4M gold sounds like someone who 1) doesn’t know what they want and 2) is preparing for a very rapid burn out.


Agreed. By doing what they’re doing, they’ll also be burning out all the players that they’re trying to drag along with them. A certain amount of upward creep in requirements is probably natural as a guild develops, but this leader sounds like they’re pushing too hard. Kicking someone by Thursday with no warning is not good management in my view.

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In my guild, we highly encourage people to donate at least the gold min on Monday so that stat bonuses continue seamlessly. When someone new joins, I tell them it’s fine to save their gold for the next week if they don’t have a stash. That said, I wouldn’t kick someone because they didn’t donate gold on Monday.

As for other mins, I believe in giving people the full week to do them, and I surely wouldn’t bug them mid-week about them. Either they are done before reset, or they aren’t.


Having the requirements done by mid-week is nuts. Helping run a more casual guild I will say the weekend warrior archetype is a little problematic for book keeping in that they can be way off sunday morning and have hit it by sunday night. Remembering to pop in pre-rollover to get an accurate roster snapshot can be a little problematic given our leadership’s time zones.

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This is pretty painful for me. Reset is at 3 a.m. my time. :sob: I’ll be so happy when they release an official GoW API.

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I don’t really follow the gold once the req are made. As for trophies, I usually copy the totals before going to bed on Sunday night and I compare with the new totals and the trophies already made for the new week on Monday.
But I wish I didn’t need to do that!


Thoughts on your reset time…?

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That’s how it feels sometimes! :sweat_smile:

I have insomnia issues. So, it is manageable “most” weeks.

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