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Are any guilds changing their requirements to complete the raids and invasions?

So we have had a discussion in our guild to see what’s reasonable for us to get to portal 10 for raids and the 12th reward for invasions.

So we think 3 Is a good tier to go with and then the rest in the guild who like the event, can do more to help out.

How are other guilds approaching these new modes as they have cycled through once now?

Are you changing anything or just doing whatever for now?



Does anyone know exactly if we all did equal amounts, what it would be per player to close the portals?

I think If these new modes gave out 9 seals like pvp does per fight, and maybe even just one trophy, players would feel more inclined to play these.

With guild wars it’s easy, 30 fight can give you 90 trophies just for winning them all.

The rewards and time spent playing these doesn’t feel equal at all.

Play more and earn less, now it’s sounding like a job I’m ready to quit.

So that’s why we are thinking about the requirements, do we lower trophies on event weeks for ppl who don’t have time for it all.

Being on console, it’s not as easy as the mobile. So we have all of these things to consider here.


18k according to a guildmate.

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It would be nice because I am tracking and seeing it is taking me longer to get to seals for this week and gold for Monday drop.


I also noticed a slower crawl to hit 40k and some players have barely any seals or trophies for this week, but 15 k damage to the boss.

So I’m happy to seen them helping out with raids, but with the weekly requirements of seals and trophies, now they have to do more to achieve that weekly.


Ya the seals issue, people forget that you can kill the boss and still loose.

For example for me - I haven’t been able to win at the current level so - NO SEALS - yet I have raked up another 6k in points for the guild.

I read somewhere yesterday about someone having 125 losses just so he can get on the leader board for boss points


That is very true. Thanks for pointing that out, no wonder why productivity is lower these weeks, but participation is up.

Maybe that’s why some seals with closing each portal could really help out, even for those losing battles.

Going back to The other thread about raids, I think @Razzagor suggested, 50 seals per portal closed. That is a excellent idea!


I indeed suggested 50 seals for each portal on Raids, also comented about giving trophies for Bounties (in line with the theme of hunting trophies) and Invasions could maybe award some glory or some generous extra gold based on the level of the towers (in line with the theme of plundering treasures guarded by the magic towers).

As it stands it’s not a big surprise that these new events aren’t very popular as they, in some sense, “get in the way” of players’s agendas.

The rewards barely covers the needs of the players and guilds and Zuul’ Goth stands as a weak goal… It’s more weak and insipid than a homeopathic "soup of glass marbles"¹

¹: “Soup of glass marbles” is a regional expression we have here for weak, tasteless and/or insipid things. I just extrapolated, recently, the hyperbolic meaning of it by making the “homeopathic” version of this soup. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That would be cool similar to the GW Guild winning a day.

I would definitely think that would be great

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Our guild policy is that you play until it is no longer fun for you. We managed to close Portal 8 this week. IMHO, the Portal 9 and Portal 10 rewards of 2 Orbs of Chaos and 1 Major Orb of Chaos are not worth spending 200 / 300 gems per guild member.


Our guild policy is play the event if you like it.
If you don’t go rack up some trophies and gold for the guild
If it isn’t fun for you don’t play it


I think it’s trophies that have been hit the worst, I’ve lowered our reqs because of the new modes.
Seals are still relatively easy to come by, as is gold.
I personally hate raids & I’m close to making raid weeks a ‘free’ week as my entire guild feel the same, invasions are better but with hindsight I’d rather have gw back full time…


I’m starting to finding the new modes tedious, the novelty didn’t last long. 3 modes draining gems means there won’t be any left to chase new mythics if needed. Weekly guild wars doesn’t seem so bad now :joy:


I would have to agree. I like Invasions until you hit Stage 8 (4 Towers). The reason is: up until that point, not only are you getting Guild Rewards, but you are also getting Individual Rewards when you finish out each Tower Stage. Plus, the little bit per batrle rewards you get. Tower Stage 8 though, it just feels like a long grind, and I don’t really like that. All in all, Invasions are good, but could be better.

Raids, in that regard, are pretty terrible. Your “per battle” rewards are bad, plus you don’t get anything from beating the Stages, like you do Invasions. Your only “reward” is a stronger boss/team that’s harder to beat. Yay :roll_eyes:

Also, as a side note, I think in Invasions, one of the Stages should be renamed. It’s confusing (especially in a text based form of communication like this) to have both the Tower sections and Guild collections be called Stages. Just a thought.


Cat Haven has no requirements for either Raid or Invasion. If I was asked, I’d say only do it if you like it. If you don’t, there’s no penalty. The whole point of this game is to have fun, if you aren’t having fun, you won’t stay around.