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Top 50-level player looking for guild

Level Low 200s looking for a guild with moderate to high goals…Travelling quite a bit during the month of January but still able to contribute at a Top 30 - 50 level at least. Just came from a Top 20 guild where the reqs were a little high for what I can accomplish while travelling so much…but I am still very competitive and want to be in a guild with a high rate of return. Thanks!

Hello jerry! We have a spot in unrepentant ranked #27. We have reqs of 500/300/1500 however we work with members that are loyal! We complete tasks hours after reset and try not to over do it on legendaries…

Most importantly we have a fun vibrant community that now includes our sister guild ( purgatory)! So we allow unrepentant members to move down to purgatory for extended periods of time. Depending on activenes. We also are starting a third guild that will strictly act as a ‘parking lot’ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

We also require members to have all their kingdoms leveled to 10; and for people to have a nice funny chat with yours truly :wink:

Please feel free to pm me if you are interested!
-best, Pabloskee

Please move this to the respective guild recruitment section (pc/mobile or ps4 or xbox)


He’s Xbox; I found that out last week when I contacted him privately.