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Lvl 475 player looking for guild. (FOUND)

Looking for a new guild. I can do 350-1000 trophies, 1500 seals, and 500k-1.5 million gold.

I know what a great guild is from my last one. I’m looking for a guild that works together. That EVERY member donates at least 300 trophies and maxes out all basic tasks.

I would prefer to find a guild that does not care about legendary tasks, but if that guild doesn’t exist then whatever is fine. I can certainly do them.

Above all else I’m looking for a competitive guild that is hungry for leaderboard placement.


Would you like an invite to unrepentant? we were number 5 in growing last month only behind intrim intrim II anonymous and tacets dPEAK. We are increasing our reqs to 500/300 after New Years so we would do 18k trophys a week with 200 trophy reqs our hope is to produce more than intrim which we will probably do. Most of our team is chatty and we move forward as a team! Some of our less active players will move down to our developmental guild purgatory afte New Years so someone like yourself is an ideal fit for our guild. We jumped 100 spots in 3 months from #135 to #30!
We complete all basic tasks on Monday and normally try for 4-10 legendaries a week we normally cut off on Wednesday or Thursday to allow slower grinders to have gold left for reset! What ever you end up doing good luck in your search for a guild :wink:

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It does sound good. A couple of questions though.

Do you kick people that make the mins just to move people that are more competitive in?

Also I have already donated my 1500 seals and 1.2 million gold to my last guild this week. Would you prefer to invite me Sunday night because all I have left to give is trophies…

We are on holiday mode until after New Years. We’ve compiled a small list of ppl we want to either kick (not very active outdated members) or move to purgatory( people who love unrepentant and voluntarily choose to move down because they will not be able to keep up with reqs. We normally don’t kick people but since we are increasing reqs there are some members that won’t be able to stay with us when we’re in full competitive mode

So to answer your question we will do away with a few members who always just do mins… but we already have such a robust base that it will be like a one time movement of ppl and any recruits will most likely be like yourself: can make 500/300/1500 requirements in a jiff and are generally more active and seeking glory :slight_smile:

Alright you’ve sold me. Let me know when the spot is open. name is inv code.

Ok I’ll invite you now

Thank you for all the offers everyone, I found a guild. This can be closed.

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