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4 new spots open to all players :D

Unrepentant has just opened 4 spots for the right players! New players or novice: If you are looking for a guild where you can hone your gemmin skills, snd a req or put your game invite code in reply.

Which platform? (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC/Mobile?)

Play on mobile

Now have only 1 spot open. Picked up some great players already, send invite code or look us up :slight_smile:

Hey there, started playing a couple days ago … am level 23 atm!
Invite code is KENNN13 if you still have room!

Of course! I’ll log in and send

Hi Litletre, looks like you may be full, but I wanted to check in. I’m a new player but I have really fallen for this game, and your detailed guild description for Purgatory sounds like just the spot for me. My invite code is Bazz 10, please keep me in mind if you have another spot!