[REVISED & IMPROVED] "Purgatory" The newly formed sister guild of Unrepentant is looking for passionate players of all stages, casual ok. Looking for a guild? Apply here!

The most frustrating thing with being a new player is that point where you realize that the key to your progress, as well as a large missing part, is a good active guild! How to find a place that will foster your newly found love of the game, while at the same time helping with advice, and answering the loads of questions that come up constantly? As most of you know this is a VERY in depth game that has SO many facets and dimensions that draw you deeper and deeper each update. But most importantly (at least for me at least) is playing with people just like me, someone who loves to play, loves to chat and share in each excitement, and to make friends from around the world.

so like me you are either bouncing from guild to guild, each more discouraging than the last, or suddenly realize your the only active member contributing (in tasks, chat, seals, etc). Or do you “like” your guild, but find the general vibe/feeling not quite the “home” you were looking for? I, as I’m sure most of you, have dealt with each of these scenarios many many times on you quest to find your home. I was in one that fell into a few of those, I “liked” it, me and maybe 3-4 players really shared in all aspects of “active and contributing”. Basically I was content, or told myself to be, lol. But then those players left, cause we all would, and the leader establishes me it and leaves…Leaves me with a dying guild , a sinking ship…I know what i wanted, i said as much above, but boy did i not want to look for another guild and fall into another situation. I was not good enough for the “ranked” guilds, and instead had everyone else saying their guild was the best…ugh, lol. Now im not bashing any guild by any means, but you all know EXACTLY what im talking about. So i decided that instead of more guesstimating which guild to choose, i would re-create the guild I was in, aka the “sinking ship”

I honestly wanted perfection, and quickly realized that it didn’t exist, at least not what i defined “perfect” as. So as a hail Mary i decided to try and make it! Then I discovered the key component to EVERYTHING, it was not about this facet or that (contributing, or active, or numbers) but about PEOPLE! I realized that what i REALLY wanted was someone like me to share in the game with, and that included contributing in tasks, chat, getting to 1st, etc. I love the contributing and guild chat, It was a bonus to me, a cool aspect from the devs to make it FUN, not some sort of “obligation”. I got to 1st every week, cause DUH why wouldn’t you!? if you loved the game you would quickly come to the conclusion that its very beneficial to your growth in game to do so. That and the gold you got making your way there was perfect for those kingdoms that were harboring those skill points at lvl 10 :D.

So I set out to find those like minded people, posting on forums and global (the only options for doing so…sigh, hint hint devs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol) until I found and recruited 3 people that would change the entire game for me, and for others as well. We all were so excited to find another person like ourselves in our love of game, and it was like a lightbulb. But now we had a MUCH bigger problem. Now that we realized our collective ideals could be accomplished, we now had to find more of us like minded players, which meant dealing with the hardest part of creating and running a successful guild (those of you that have done such know exactly what im saying), that included getting rid of leeches (booooo, lol) , inactive empty space players (which was like almost everyone at that moment), and then the dreaded process of recruiting new members (i say dreaded only because there are so many people sniping and spamming your post, more often than not , extinguishing any genuine interest). Then there is maintaining moral. People join, excited about ideals, only to discover that those ideals still had a ways to go to reach its pinnacle, and in order to get there they too would need to help. Some are not excited to be in the early stages and have to put in effort -_-.

Well after hard work and GOOD people Unrepentant got its foot hold and was ready for the next hurdle in creating the perfect (well our perfect) guild…which is where ill stop that story.
-At the point of its establishment, 6 mo. ago, Unrepentant was at around 250+ place
-Now it is at 34th and is climbing still
Fun Fact:
-Unrepentant is and always will be member run and ruled, it only is good as it member and decisions are made as a whole, each persons view and opinion are not only valued, but needed!
-The “leader” position within guild is rotated regularly within guild to show that it means nothing, and that its not defining

Still reading? If you have read this far, i applaud you, lol. I get very wordy and have a strong opinion on our guild. Hopefully, fingers crossed, this thread finds someone like me at the beginning of this little story, or anyone who feels this speaks to them. I hope so. Well, i FINALLY got to the main point of this thread, lol. Which is to announce Unrepentant’s new sister guild ‘Purgatory’.

"Purgatory’ is a place for those people who find themselves in those “situations”, or for those who love the game but are in a guild where there not quite ready to commit to the high requirements each week, not that you couldn’t, but finding that requiring it of you is taking the fun away. Purgatory is a new light bulb creation of our Unrepentant family. To have a place for both types like minded people! Now there is a home for those who are new to those that are ready to take on the higher lvl to gems, but most importantly being able and open to any player of any lvl looking for that something special.

‘Purgatory’ A new guild, for ALL lvl types, to come and share in our love for this insanely awesome game. like-minded? want to be apart of creating and shaping this new branch

Pm me or Lucian
or anyone in Unrepentant.
Happy geming


New pkayers looking for a guild?
Apply here!


Hey, this sounds exactly what I’m looking for. I’m only five days old but have already spent more time in this game than I’d openly admit: Deathknight Armor, all open cities, two at level 10, 2 hero classes mastered, 1,500 seals twice, 1st rank in PVP, level 67, 5 legendaries and 4 celestial stones (been really lucky with these it seems). The guild I’m currently in is shockingly inactive, both in terms of stats, but also absolutely dead in chat. It seems to be 100% newbies and no one I can talk strategy and builds with. :frowning:

Oh, and I’ve probably researched various forums, youtube vids (Thanks Tacet) and wikis regarding all facets of the game. Guess you could say I qualify. :slight_smile: Would have loved to PM you but I cannot for the life of me find how to do that either here nor in the game. Horrible UX as far as that’s concerned.

Anyway, I’d be more than happy if you’d consider me. You can PM me back if there’s still room so I know how it works.


You are EXACTLY the type of player that we look for (: glad the thread was able to reach you!

P.s. i believe for pm here you click on name and message box should appear.

As for game…well they are working on that…(right? Devs. Hint hint)

Ah. I see. I right-clicked and opened your profile in a new tab so I could search for a “message” function. Didn’t even think of normal clicking your name haha.

Anyway, thanks for letting me know and the invite. Can’t wait to join an active guild and hopefully it lets me collect seals again this week! :slight_smile:


Glad to have you in board Lucian! Im hoping that this thread finds more people like you, passionate and looking for a guild that’s people first.

If anyone is looking or knows a good fit please share this thread. Only requirement is active and love to play

i’m active and i love to play. :slight_smile:

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Fantastic! Standing invite now (:

Heeeeyy, I love to play and do so daily!

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Awesome! We would love to have you(:

Purgatory is growing fast! So grateful for our new members to our family (:slight_smile:

we have a few more spots to those of you who are looking for something different, and a new place to call home (:

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UPDATE: I completely revised and rewrote thread! Please lmk what you think :slight_smile:

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Haha. You do get wordy. :smiley:

Well, to give others some perspective, I’ve been in the guild for a week now and it’s my second week playing the game. Hitting 1,500 seals and 1st tier in PVP is already a joke on the second if not the first day of the week. I’m closing in on level 150 very fast and am flying through building my cities and donating to the guild tasks. The most fun part of Purgatory, however, is our chat and the people that actually make it more than just a “pass-time” when you’re bored. You can jump in whenever you like and it’s quite amazing how well we coordinate and help one another make massive strides, such as focusing on gem prizes, so that newcomers can get that dragon and celestial armors quickly, as well as sharing the most recent tips and trick for the weekly events and new releases. It’s quite incredible to know that you’ve got a bunch of people not only help you grow, because your growth helps everyone collectively, but also people you can celebrate those rare drops with and ask for advice or just have a general chat with. If you’re even contemplating a switch to a fun guild that transforms what it means to enjoy a game like this, with no other obligations other than being active and having fun with us all (1st place, 1500 seals and task completion comes with that so easily), then PM anyone from the guild and we’d be more than happy to have you join in. There are only a certain amount of spots left though so let us know sooner rather than later.


Hi there,

I’ve been consistent on hitting 1500 seals with at least 300 trophies a week. I donate around 150-200k weekly and that number grows as I do.

I’m lvl 99 atm moment but I was 87 yesterday?

Let me know how many seals you guys hit a week and we can look at moving me over =D


We hope you decide to choose us Collins we could find a spot for you in unrepentant once you finish your kingdoms in purgatory!

Litletre you killing the game man! :ok_hand::sunglasses:

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Toss me an invite boys! JULIUS 27

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So so sorry to j just got back to responding. I am usually very quick about my responses but of course the day I have a 12 hour work day is also the day that I was going on in game…so I apologize again.

Yes Yes and hell yes we would love t9 have you in the unrepentant purgatory family. We will always make room for those seeking a home (:


12 Hour day in December? Brutal man, you must be working retail!!

Haha no, i actually build homes during the week, then run my own tree care co on weekends. I’m a Certified AArborist.

But I’m excited to play and meet you all. To know that there thread playing a specific tune, found its counter. (: