😈The Unholy Family😈 (Unrepentant&Purgatory)looking for active players

Its been a little over a month that Purgatory began and helped form The Unholy Family with Unrepentant. Though Purgatory has no requirements, other than a similar love of game, it is 1-2k short each week from 40k chests! (Which i see us getting each week very soon), had 2 players playing in top 25, and completed 4 tasks! Keep in mind we ask no requirements and the results are from like minded active players.

As for Unrepentant, they are in a league all its own. Tasks ALL done within hrs, 40k chests every week (of course),multiple top 20 and top 10 players, and a very driven atmosphere pushing their limits in all aspects.

The success of both stem from1 thing, good people with the same love of the game. That’s what The Unholy Family has been about from day1, and will continue to do so by reaching out and finding those searching for a home just like that
(for an in-depth history of Unrepentant and the forming of Purgatory click here [REVISED & IMPROVED] “Purgatory” The newly formed sister guild of Unrepentant is looking for passionate players of all stages, casual ok. Looking for a guild? Apply here!

Are you ready to push your limits to new heights? Or do you love to play, contribute, and be in an active guild but without the stress of weekly req?
purgatory takes any lvl player so long as they are passionate about game

If you think you are that person who will be a great fit for The Unholy Family you can reply or PM any admin from the family

(There are more but Pablo handles forums best)



We are the creme de le creme… this is unrepentant 2hrs after reset ( from only 12 members)

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I had no idea it was THAT fast, had to edit my post, lol. Nice job btw, that’s crazy impressive

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The speed at which you guys work is mind-blowing. Quite shocked at the growth rate of Purgatory too.

The thing that amazes me most still is how much fun our Discord channel and just general group chat is that it drastically enhances the fun in the game.

Within the first few hours there are numerous high-level and beginner Rock Spirit (or any new troop) teams being shared around and tested and optimal strategies on how to advance and build up a kingdom. What’s even more amazing is how everyone celebrates each other’s successes.

We may be full at the moment, but real life and other obligations do get in the way so jump onto discord and join our Abyss channel if you’re interested and show us why you should join in the fun. We’re always happy to have like-minded individuals who share the mentality of having fun first and having rewards come as a byproduct. It’s amazing how things just happen when you’re enthusiastic enough about something. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you folks.


Wow! That’s fast!

I’m in a casual guild right now (Top 150) så the gold bonus is nice but we only finish to about level 7 of the task. And I want more keys! :smiley:

I’m level 113.
Trying to level up my kingdoms to max.
Just started do PVP, have done the questline.
Playing everyday.

Do you have some requirements about how much I need to donate in form of gold, etc?

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No actual requirements in terms of gold donations since we understand people need to level up kingdoms. We have no hard reqs short of having fun and being active. Mostly we keep in touch via Discord.

Despite no reqs, we get a big majority hitting 1500 seals. We got close to 40k last week and are consistently over 30k. We also get some insane donators even ones dropping millions into the guild which helps us really fly through tasks.

Basically, actives, both in game (for seals primarily) and in chat (Discord preferably) are what we’re after. People with the mindset that they don’t HAVE to donate, but rather the ones that do because they WANT to, understanding that we’re all pushing each other to grow together.

You level up fast in this guild and build some amazing teams. As for your kingdoms, I myself tend to donate as much as I level my kingdoms in about equal amount.

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Ah, that sounds like the approach I want.
Dedicated players that want to have fun and not about being the best guild in the world.

Is there any spot left?
If you want me in your guild.

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You sound perfect and we would love to have you! What’s your invite code?

Nice! Thanks a lot.
Can you PM your discord channel?

invite code: ACRYLAMID

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Sent! The channel is posted in guild banner. Looking forward to geming with you!

Egggzactly the type of guild I would love to join. I am in a type of guild purgatory atm :wink: of sorta liking my guild but finding it a little frustrating that only half are active. I am a new and active player at lvl 53 and in the last two weeks have reached my 1500 seals each week and have donated over 40k this week so far. If you have room for another member in Purgatory (or Unrepentant) I would love to make the move from my old purgatory to a new Purgatory… Argh sorry about the really bad play on words. Still in a guild atm but will leave if u want me as a member. Cheers.

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Whos whoa whoa…there is only 1 Purgatory! Any others are pretender and followers, lol. Ha but all jokes aside thanks for the reply and Your intrest in joining the Unholy Family. 1 question. Do you have discord? And if not get and find me. @litletre6314

Look forward to chatting with ya soon

*note to anyone looking to be apary of the Unholy Family. Discord! It will be the first step towards the last guild you'll ever pick*

Hello, my in-game name is Azelicus and I talked a little with trickycdr in 001 chat today.

I am interested in joining your Purgatory branch. I hope to hear back from you soon.


Awesome, yeah tricky was mentioning your intrest and we have a spot right now :slight_smile: what’s your code?
look forward to playing with you

Looking to join

Ok…can you tell us about yourself? Why you want t join purgatory? What is your favorite color? Lol

I can get 1million gold and meet all requirements. I am unable to work so do spend a lot of time on gems of war

Oh yeah pink, black and blue are my favorite color

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Haha nice :slight_smile: So we are full as atm but can put you in the Que in discord. You can stay in your current guild but it will be much easier to transition when spot become available. Pm me and I’ll send you discord info. Look forward to playing and Getting to know you

Or just find me on discord @litletre#6314

We currently have an opening, want to join a guild that is rising through the ranks, organised, friendly and ever so much fun to be a part of. I joined just about a month ago, and they have helped me re-shape the player I was. I never knew I could “play with the big boys”, but the encouragement I got from this guild has put me at the top of my game!

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