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Unrepentant has created a sister guild: 'Purgatory'! New players, veteran, Apply here

Looking for new or novice players to become part of Unrepentant family. ‘Purgatory’ is active but casual atm, meaning no req, min, etc. There is one mandatory to join, you have to love the game! We’re looking for people not numbers. So if you are looking for something that is entirely different than most guilds and want to make new friends while enjoying this blessed game in its fullest
PM me or anyone in Unrepentant.

Also please share this thread if you know anyone that is looking (:slight_smile:

This is original post with more info (:slight_smile:

[REVISED & IMPROVED] "Purgatory" The newly formed sister guild of Unrepentant is looking for passionate players of all stages, casual ok. Looking for a guild? Apply here!