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Looking to join a more active guild on PC/Mobile. I bring in 200-300 trophies and donate 150-250k a week

I’m surrounded by members that contribute basically nothing. Only one other guild member besides myself donates over 100k per week… I wanna pull in more chests and gems!

What platform?

PC and Android… isn’t it all the same server? Unless consoles have their own.

Nope, there’s pc/mobile, xbox, and ps4

I didn’t know that. Thanks. I updated the title.

You’re welcome, good luck.

We have an opening in blackgold. If interested, let us know.

You have a home amongst like-minded players at unrepentant. I’m certain it’s just the right fit, and yes that is ridic. I clean house if them every Sunday, lol

ive taken over from litletre from Unrepentant we are now at rank 70 send invite code if interested

I think you responded to the wrong post; either that or you necro’d a 2 month old post.

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