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BLaCkGoLD Recruiting (PC/Mobile)

3 spots open!

Rank 59
Statues range from 82-86
No real requirements except be level 50, just be active and contribute what you can! And of course, collect seals…

You should move your post to Guild Recruitment and say which platform

Thanks, I thought I was posting in Guild Recruitment but I did edit it to show the platform :slight_smile:

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Hi! I’m level 114, and a daily player. I would like to join an active guild, as the one I’m in lacks activity, so would be glad if you’d have me.

Thanks in advance!

My invitation code is MOONWHYSPER

Hey, thanks for your interest! Just tried to invite you and it says you’re still in guild, so you have to leave first. Let me know when that’s done and I’ll re-send the invite.

hi Dorgath,
just left the guild, and would apreciate if you could please invite me again…

Okay, let me get back in…

Invite sent!

OMG, I’m so sorry, I accidentally deleted the invite and clicked the wrong button … :confounded:

Could u please send again?!?!?!

So, so sorry…

Invite sent again. I’ll be offline for a few hours :slight_smile:

thanks!!! I’m in… :wink:

Hi there,
I’m looking for any active guild, i started playing a couple days ago, don’t want to join any random one, so i try here my luck :slight_smile: nick ingame trafek

edit: nevermind, for my actual level, skill and knowledge of game i better start in some random one before i join some real one :stuck_out_tongue:
peace out

Thanks for your interest. There is actually a level 50 minimum - I’ll put that in the original post. But once you hit that, let us know and if there’s space, I’ll send an invite!

Two spots open!

Three spots open!

lvl 144 with all kingdom max. Looking for active guild. Invite code: MELDIN_25 (if not working try it without the underscore) Thanks.

Invite sent! Check your mail and say Hi in guild chat :wink: Welcome to BLaCkGoLD!

Joined. Thanks for the invite.

Welcome Meldin! Thanks x3, for keeping on top of this!

Hi Level 333 and all kingdoms at max level,just left a guild iv been with for over a year but the leaders have gone awol and I need a new home.#DaddyRiiRua if I’m accepted :slight_smile: