To the dev(s) who thought a 3 event week would be a great time for "gimmicky" world event scoring

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I sincerely hope you stub your foot at least 3 times this upcoming week. Help the game, don’t harm the game.

Y’all are f’ing hurting it and are too dumb to even know it. :roll_eyes:


3 guild events during Guild War week is quite a lot. It may not seem it when looking at weeks where we have World Event and say bounty but bounty is an individual event a player can choose to engage in or not without affecting the guild they are in.

Currently a 3 event week looks like this:

World Event:

Monday consists of trying to help all 30 members understand the best scoring practice to minimise the amount of shop tiers each player needs to buy in order for the guild to close all reward portals. Many guilds are part of alliances of families and can range from 30 players to over 300 players.

Many players try to get all their World Event battles done on a Monday so that they can replace the useless event medals for GW

A solution to this would be providing a link from within the World Event overview to your official scoring information that you post on the forum or better still not having World Event run during Guild War week

Guild Wars:
Monday strategy of defences, making sure everyone has unique defences set at a minimum,
Tuesday to Sunday is ensuring members remember not to have world event medals equipped, helping with battles and teams, practice runs of battles, generally the higher the bracket, the more time is devoted to getting the best results in guild wars. In the top brackets this can be hours a day.

There are also many many players that only play at the weekend. They then have to juggle medals, over 62 battles minimum of World Event (that’s total amount of free sigil battles of 4 each day plus Valravens, this isn’t the figure to ensure all rewards are closed, it can be up to 75 battles), 30 GW battles and the time needed to ensure they play well for their guilds success in the bracket and then the weekend event which requires x amount of battles per member to close all rewards for their guild (I don’t have that number to hand).

Guild Wars is a big part of this game for many guilds and having 2 extra events ontop of it is quite a lot to manage.

Please consider Guild Wars week a special week where weekend guild events should not occur and possibly reconsider World Event on this week too.


I disagree that three events is too much. Some people like doing everything and are able to. For weeks like next week, I am able to do all three events with time to spare. No biggie.

I think some players focus on being the best and being in a top guild, that they forget that isn’t necessary. You don’t have to do every event. There are different guilds for different committment levels. Some require every event. Some only the week event. Etc. People feeling overwhelmed by being required to do everything should join a more casual guild. It isn’t on the devs to tell you it’s ok to not be hardcore.

Please no. No no no. Until GW is fixed for anything but the oldest guilds, no. We need world event otherwise there is nothing to do. GW takes five minutes tops a day, half the guilds are dead so the battles are a joke, and the rewards are pitiful.

Can’t argue here. :rofl: One day, medals will be tied to teams, right? …Right? The community has come up with so many functional UIs on how to solve this. :woman_facepalming:


Bold of you to assume that any thought was put into the scoring.


Wanted to post something meaningful here, but @Snooj has pointed out main idea:
It’s players choice to play that much…

I’ll just changes this topic notifications to ‘Muted’. So cheers and happy comlaining/bragging and good luck in GW.


The Topic is about the scoring this week in the world event.

Nice way to try and make it about something else and then leave the thread though. :+1: